From Corporate Employment to Starting a Business

Nov 16, 2017
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First-Time Entrepreneurship Questions: Should I Start a Business? How to Get Business ideas? – Here You Find The Answers


This course is the step-by-step guide of

how to find out if entrepreneurship is a good fit for you,
how to leverage your corporate experience, and
how to search for winning business ideas that fit you best.


19 lessons to learn quickly what to consider and how to decide about starting a business (any business)
13 downloadable exercises to explore if entrepreneurship, freelancing, or any form of self-employment is a good solution for what you expect from your work – taking all the guesswork out of starting a business
A simple plan to summarise your insights and see clearly your future

EVEN MORE of what you’ll discover…

The #1 way to choose perfect business ideas… one that has the highest chance to win! (business idea generation)
The key to start a successful business as revealed by Estée Lauder, Warren Buffet, John D. Rockefeller, and Albert Einstein… (how to start a business)
Why it doesn’t matter if you don’t have killer innovative business ideas…
The practical goal-setting technique that will dramatically boost your creativity, productivity, and speed to start your own business … (entrepreneurship fundamentals)
How to overcome even your worst nightmare of being a complete loser in life. You do NOT want to miss this!

PART #1: Laying the groundwork

In the first section of the course, you will hear about some exciting background information of entrepreneurship fundamentals and business idea generation principles, important theory, necessary mindsets, and very useful examples you should remember as you’re taking this course. You will learn about:

why (corporate) women rarely dare to start a business but why it’s worth doing,
the biggest frustrations and challenges you’ll most probably face – and the 11-step relief model to overcome them,
why is the first step (exploring yourself) so important part of entrepreneurship fundamentals,
the key mindset shifts we corporate employees must internalize to succeed in any self-employment,
how to get started with a step-by-step business idea generation system every beginner entrepreneur can use to personalize business ideas.

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From Corporate Employment to Starting a Business: Videos, PDFs | Size: 478 MB


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