Google AdWords Copy Hacks

Sep 28, 2017
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You know you could be making more from your Google AdWords campaigns – but how? That’s what this course is all about…

If you’re not making money from your AdWords campaigns, you need to keep reading…

Rather than give you a ton of theory, we decided to take a different approach and cut right to the chase. We’ve broken down the

essential AdWords processes into short, easy-to-digest video tutorials – we call them “Profit Hacks” – and you can start using

them straight away to skyrocket your profits, no matter what your level of experience.

So what is a “Profit Hack”?

We’ve worked on thousands of AdWords Campaigns and strategies for hundreds of companies worldwide – from individual

entrepreneurs to major corporations. And we’ve chosen only the low-hanging fruit – the proven tips and tricks that anyone can use

whether they’re experienced or a complete novice. Our criteria were that each of our profit hacks had to be:

Focused on quickly generating profits – so you see an immediate improvement in your ROI.
Simple to implement – anyone can follow our step-by-step instructions (yes, that includes even experienced marketers)
Easily repeatable – once you’ve mastered each hack, you can apply them time and again to all your campaigns
Lead to cumulative growth – each hack is self-contained so the more you implement, the more your profits will grow.
These “Profit Hacks” are taught by Ian Howie and Ken McGaffin, two respected online marketing professionals.

Ian Howie has deep knowledge of PPC, Digital Analytics, and Conversion Optimization. He’s been a guest at Google’s HQ in

Mountain View and has attended super-secret Google partner conferences.

Ken McGaffin has been in digital marketing for 20+ years, helping hundreds of companies build their web presence and tap into

new markets. Training is one of his passions—he has created 5-star rated online training for over 12,000 students.

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