Google Analytics Training For Beginners 2018

Mar 31, 2018
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What Will I Learn?
Discover how to get started with Google Analytics and what’s the best package to select according to your needs.
Discover how to use the navigation bar and admin interface.
Discover how to Preparing your WordPress website to connect with a plugin.
How to create a new Google Analytics account for your website.
How to connect your Google Analytics without the use of a plugin.
Understanding the Dashboard, Real Time Menu and also the Audience Menu.
How to work with demographics, interests, and geography effectively.
Understand your visitors’ behavior and pattern to predict how they will behave when they reach your page.
Learn how it works with mobile and other technologies, set up benchmarks and user flow easily.
Discover how to track conversions by setting up and monitoring goals.

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Google Analytics Training For Beginners 2018: Videos, PDFs | Size: 118 MB


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