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Feb 4, 2013
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Name Product: Google Author Rank – Get your image in the search results for massive FREE traffic its official Google rank you higher! Sale Page: Price: $8.89

Discover What is Set to Have a Bigger Impact on SEO Than Panda and Penguin Combined!

It is a Fact…

Google want to deliver relevant search results based on human trust and authority. We are all aware that they are taking the strength of social signals into account and using this to help decide rank but…

Exactly What does this mean to us as marketers?

How do we take advantage of this?
How do we structure our business to make sure we are doing the right things?

The answer is simple
We do it the Google way!

Forget the nonsense that you don’t need Google, there is no miracle fix that provides traffic to your pages, has anyone actually made any money from Facebook ads, I know I haven’t and then we have Twitter, yes enough said on that subject!
You can then combine all of the other thousands of search engines in to 1 and you will have around 10% of the traffic Google produces so let’s talk about how to profit from an opportunity I genuinely believe is a once in a lifetime chance to finally get ahead of the game.

Let me ask you a couple of questions…
Have you ever wondered how some people get their face in the search results?

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