Guide to the Nuts and Bolt of Running a Successful Copywriting Business

Apr 22, 2017
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Dear Fellow Copywriter…

Imagine sitting at lunch with one of the most expensive, in-demand freelance copywriters in the world. He is a self-made millionaire. You are a copywriter. You know there are secrets he could share, guaranteed to explode your profits. You get to ask ANY business question that’s on your mind. No interruptions. No distractions. What would you ask?

Well in January of this year, I had that opportunity. Dan Kennedy is probably the HIGHEST paid copywriter alive. So when he offered to consult with two copywriters (me and another copywriter) over lunch while at his $10,000 a head Sales Letter Workshop in icy Cleveland, Ohio, I jumped at it!

Now I’ve been making a darn good living as a copywriter since 2002. But sitting at that lunch table listening to Dan, I quickly realized what a rookie I have been when it comes to the business side of copywriting.

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

Most Copywriters Stink at Business
The nuggets of wisdom he threw out were jaw-dropping. He casually mentioned most copywriters don’t have the first idea of how to make the most of a job. (Guilty as charged.)

Then he reeled off how copywriters should…

be paid on performance
retain rights to copy outside the market
automatically look to expand the assignment
be able to ask for the fee without flinching
know how to ask for front end money AND back end money
and so much more!
I was dumbstruck.

Here I thought I was operating a successful copywriting business, but the truth is…

SALE PAGE | Price: $336

Guide to the Nuts and Bolt of Running a Successful Copywriting Business: Videos, PDFs | Size: 550 MB


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