How to Manage an Open Source Project

Mar 2, 2018
Management, Leadership
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When submitting a pull request to fix a bug, it’s vital that a test accompanies your fix. The maintainer can’t just take your word for it. Show them what the problem is. “Hey, if we take this specific route through the code, everything blows up. Here’s a test that proves it.”

How to Manage an Open Source Project
The GitHub Repository
Installation Instructions
Resolving Our First Issue
The Issue and PR Grind
Feature: Forum Reputation
Feature: Forum Reputation Refactoring
Feature: Displaying Reputation
Feature: Reducing Reputation
Licensing and Code of Conducts
Merging and Tweaking a Large PR
Continuous Integration
Syntax Highlighting PR With Refactoring
The Importance of Understanding a PR
Queues and Worker Bees
A Thread Can Be Pinned
Archiving Channels With TDD
Simpler Queries With Global Scopes
The Test Proves It’s a Bug
Squashing and Merging the New UI
Upgrading to Laravel 5.6.

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