Hyper Wealth Transformation

Apr 24, 2017
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Here’s a Look at the Incredible Insights Included in Each Module and Never Before Released Online By Dr. Steve G. Jones or Dr. Joe Vitale
Module 1: Attendee Introduction

Join Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Steve G. Jones as they host a 2-Day Fourth Dimensional Wealth Transformation event! During the first module, you’ll discover.

How to point yourself toward and into a dimension most of us don’t even talk about, but we’re all too familiar with. Unlock the key to operating the hidden software in your brain and bypass your subconscious wealth blocks.
Transitioning out of the daily grind J-O-B and into your true passions while witnessing, hearing, and experiencing the transformations of others (unlike other programs, you’ll see exactly how Dr. Vitale and Dr. Steve’s manifestation principles are applied in real-word situations)
Are you stuck in the limiting belief cycle? Do you feel like you’re spinning in circles between the peaks and valleys of motivation, mindset, and manifestation? Experience the perspective shit that ends the rollercoaster of failure.
Discover a true mastermind where shared experiences and connections come together. Youll learn not just from Dr. Vitale and Dr. Steve’s lessons, but you’ll also experience and apply the insight of the people they’ve worked with
And so much more!

Module 2: HyperWealth Introduction

Begin to realize where your conscious awareness ends and your subconscious begins during your introduction to the HyperWealth Fourth Dimensional principles and discover

An inside look into the true realm of possibilities for your consciousness awareness and future You ll open a door to your true potential unlike any other awakening and analyzing data submersed in your conscious awareness
How your feelings a rise from hidden thoughts and the real reason why self-deception and self-sabotage are so rampant HINT What you ll learn is the very reason why working with a trained objective coach reveals what you can t see subjectively
Neuroscience and neuroplasticity principles that explain why you have not attracted the wealth relationships career circumstances and so many more of the other elements in life you strive for but which always seem out of reach
Breaking down and breaking free from the collective unconscious putting the garbage in our heads that holds you back to unlock a new goal for yourself and put you on trajectory to achieve it
And so much more!

Module 3: HyperWealth First Dimension, Part A

When you write affirmations you are trying to create change within one dimension Unlock a complete understanding of the first dimension to move forward and create powerful and lasting change as you learn

Recognition of the accessible hidden strings tied to your unconscious self controlling you like a puppet and making mere one-dimensional change alone so difficult to create for yourself
4 phrases you ll add to your bag of tricks and use on a first dimensional level to affirm your true potential goals purpose and path Add this ancient cultural cleansing tool Dr Vitale uses daily to your routine and make first dimensional change more achievable
Are you already using affirmations Have you heard of them Learn the neurological truth behind why they work and why they don t work for a large number of people
Rapidly increasing the odds of everything working out that you wanted to begin with by using one specific trigger that tells your brain where to go what you want it to do and how to act
And so much more!

Module 4: HyperWealth First Dimension, Part B

Go deeper into the first dimension of affirmation and turn yourself into a magnet for positive experiences after you discover

12 step-by-step techniques you can use to improve the overall quality effectiveness and achievability of your affirmations
The untold until now logic behind how Drs Steve and Vitale teach you to achieve the reality of what you want Embrace this little-known behind the scenes process that keeps your subconscious working overtime on manifestations
Why it s so easy to get caught up in how something will happen and end up distracting yourself to the point of it never happening Discover 10 real-world self-sabotage avoidance techniques in action
Living Proof that Dreams Become Reality Dozens of proven take-away examples you can use to begin bringing wealth into your life immediately However you think about it money relationships legacy and more just copy over two dozen included examples
And so much more!

Module 5: HyperWealth First Dimension, Part C

Take a closer look at why people don t take action why you fail to practice the simple actions you need to take to achieve your goals and how to get more out of every single day with such little additional effort as you embrace the following

The Part People Fog Out and gloss over ignoring even though it s one of the most important elements of the First Dimension and affirmation principles
A visit to your wealth ceiling moment and uncovering the limitations you are imposing on yourself SKIP THIS and the door to wealth will always be locked by your subconscious it actually was for Dr Vitale you ll hear the story
What do you do with a new reality you manifest You re going to take these lessons and create new experiences in your life Dr Vitale and Dr Steve will guide you step-by-step to learn how to approach them deal with them and get more from them
7 transformational wealth attraction insights that will reframe your perspective of money for better not worse bringing new knowledge into your pursuit of more and unleashing an automatic pursuit of abundance within your inner self
And so much more!

Module 6: HyperWealth Second Dimension

Another step in Fourth Dimensional wealth transformation is visualizing what you want While you may have seen visualization explained used or detailed before or you may have manifested using visualization you re going to learn dozens of new lessons and approaches including

Why visualization often has the out in the distance effect that s void of the feeling necessary to create an immediate lasting and transformational impact on your subconscious your actions and your future
A step-by-step visualization session you ll complete during this module guided by Dr Steve and used as a foundational blueprint you ll build upon to instantly bring gratification into your life
Do you stop and rest as you need to Discover the wisdom-packed insight that can only occur during a mastermind visualization session as you look into the mind of super achievers and takeaway insights you can immediately apply and feel
The reason you don t need money to achieve what you are going for even if what you are going for is money and a tool you ll add to your second dimensional visualization toolkit that will help you think outside of the box to achieve more
And so much more!

Module 7: HyperWealth Hypnosis Session to Solidify Knowledge About the First and Second Dimensions
Module 8: HyperWealth Students Share What they Learned about the First and Second Dimensions, Part A
Module 9: HyperWealth Students Share what they Learned about the First and Second Dimensions, Part B
Module 10: HyperWealth First and Second Dimensions Review

Module 11: HyperWealth Third Dimension, Part A
Module 12: HyperWealth Third Dimension, Part B

Module 13: HyperWealth Timeline Session for the Third Dimension
Module 14: HyperWealth Fourth Dimension, Part A
Module 15: HyperWealth Fourth Dimension, Part B
Module 16: HyperWealth Hypnosis Session to Solidify Knowledge About the Third and Fourth Dimensions
Module 17: HyperWealth Class Discussion About the Third and Fourth Dimension Hypnosis Session
Module 18: Final Thoughts
Module 19: Program Review

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