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Oct 17, 2017
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The reason hypnosis “seems” hard is because of the way it is taught. Most training programs focus on the wrong things. Like scripts. Pick up a typical book on

hypnosis and you’ll find it’s chock-full of scripts.
The problem is master hypnotists – like the late Milton H. Erickson – never rely on scripts. If you start using that crutch. then. you’re doomed to failure. Or at least poor results.

Learning hypnosis the traditional way is actually a handicap. That’s a funny thing coming from someone who spent a small fortune (I literally shelled out over $150,000) learning hypnosis from traditional sources.
However, I had one advantage most people don’t.
I was obsessed.
So much so, that I figured out how to simplify learning hypnosis. And how to simplify practicing hypnosis in the real world where it counts.



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