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Mar 5, 2013
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Name Product: Increase Web Traffic – Bye Bye Google! 17 Powerful Strategies To Get Instant Traffic Without SEO… Sale Page: Price: $11.25

Back in 2012 Google changed the game forever with their furry animal (Penguin & Panda) algorithm updates meaning that SEO was no longer a reliant source of traffic. Many people found their traffic was wiped out overnight and could not be recovered. The choice was either to find new strategies or to let their sites die.

Whilst I had some other traffic strategies in place and many sites that weren’t affected by the updates a lot of my traffic did come from Google and I certainly wasn’t going to let my sites die at any point in the future so I worked on creating alternative traffic strategies that would account for up to 90% of my traffic. I refused to be reliant on Google any longer and through doing that I discovered that there were more ways to get traffic than I could ever possibly imagine. Traffic methods that far surpassed Google and brought in masses of targeted visitors ready to buy whatever I was offering.

In this WSO I share 17 of these traffic strategies. This is my blueprint for traffic in 2013 and beyond. Follow it and you too will no longer have to worry about furry animals or SEO and can concentrate on making more money instead of playing cat and mouse with Google! I call it F*ck Google!


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