J Keitsu – Dropship Legacy 2.0

Nov 7, 2017
Marketing, Sale
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The 3 Advertising Phases With ZERO Invested To 1 Million In Sales In 5 Months
Phase 1: Affiliate Marketing With Instagram

I know, it sounds crazy to be able to create a online store and be selling the next day. But hey! The Huffington Post Article Did it too! Got my social media accounts setup, and decided to begin my legendary conquest of breaking 12k. To achieve this, I decided to focus my efforts on one particular social media channel.

Phase 2: Facebook

July 2016 was going to be an exciting month, and perhaps one of my favorite month’s to date just because of how much I learned. With my trusty VA by my side, I could focus on learning the in’s and outs of Facebook ads, and adding new products to test. So without hesitation, I set a lofty goal to DOUBLE my sales from last month’s 60k. The fact is, I surprised myself the last month, so I figured if I kept the same mindset, I could achieve 120k. Besides, the Oberlo blog had a story about a guy who achieved 1 million in sales in 8 months.
Phase 3: Delivery

So now having two “experiments” gone wildly successful, I figured, why not diversify some more by doing things that I know worked in the past for previous businesses? I then proceeded to add Pinterest traffic to the mix. Lucky for me, I was quick to automate this process which gave me OVER 200k backlinks by October. For those that don’t know what those are, they are url’s linking back to your website.

SALE PAGE | Price: $500

J Keitsu – Dropship Legacy 2.0: Videos, PDFs | Size: 3.82 GB


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