Jack Canfield – Train The Trainer Online 2018

Sep 12, 2018
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The Canfield Virtual Classroom
is an amazing online training
platform designed for accessibilit
y and ease to train and certify
students, while maintaining rigor behind certification and
integrity of the brand. The vast amount of content you will
consume and walk away with is pr
iceless, and as a student, you
are allowed to go back and access
the materials to refresh your
learning as often as you need.
This powerful resource gives yo
u all the training and tools you
need to start using the TSP conten
t immediately, whether you’re
just beginning your speaking
career, or are an experienced
speaker, trainer, or coach incorporating
the content into your existing material.
Immediate access to over 45+ ho
urs of live video instruction
Learn at your own pace, and on your own schedule!
Each of the lessons are broken down into easy-to-
follow modules that will guide you step-by-step on ex
actly how to teach Jack’s core Success Principles
content in a live, experiential, and
interactive training. You’ll also lear
n how to facilitate his exercises,
support your audience members through personal brea
kthroughs, debrief your training group so they
achieve the transformation they’re
looking for, incorporate these pr
inciples into your own life for
stunning advancement, and much more!
Online Learning: Train the Trainer Online
QUESTIONS? CALL: 1-805-881-5191
During two 7-day training intensives, you’ll be work
ing one-on-one with Jack Canfield and his Senior
Training Team in a small group of
no more than 50 students.
The trainings includes a well-rounded
curriculum of speaker development and facilitation skills
training with Jack, and boot-camp-style breakouts.
Not only will you experience his tr
ansformational methods yourself, you will learn how to teach them from
a combination of short lectures and experiential ex
ercises, partner processes, small-group exercises,
guided visualizations, writing exercises, personal sharin
g, releasing (emotions and limiting beliefs) exercises,
and personal work.
Week #1: April 29—May 5, 2018
Southern California
Training object
ives include:
Word-for-Word Scripts
Receive organized and easy-to-follow instructions
detailing how to facilitate each of Jack’s exercises,
principles, and processes.
Student Workbooks & Handouts
You’ll be armed and ready to go for any live
training or speaking engagement.
Tools to Enhance Your Presentations and
Transform Audience Members
Change lives with powerful self-esteem building
activities, bonding exercises, transition
techniques, guided meditations, energizer
moments, games, and more.
Training Guides & Workshop Outlines
Comprehensive workshop outlines to conduct
successful half-day and full day workshops
Fully Customizable Slide Decks
You’ll receive slide decks for a 60-minute keynote,
a half day workshop, and a full day training.
Online Certification
Successfully complete
the Online Training to
become certified online as a Train the Trainer
Level I
Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer.
Make a connection between the Principles you’ll
learn online and the principles as they’re actually
delivered in a training setting.
Become more confident as a trainer, presenter,
and teacher through powerful adjunct sessions.
Learn the nuances of delivering the exercises,
training concepts, and stories included in your
online modules.
Achieve tremendous person
al growth as you set
goals, process your thoughts, and create specific
outcomes during exercises—the same exercises
you’ll be facilitating as a Certified Canfield Trainer.
Define your own career path as a trainer—
developing more passion for your work, creating
a clear plan of action,
and establishing daily
behaviors that will support your life’s work.
Mastermind with other trainers who can support,
advise, and inspire you as you grow your career.
Work with an Accountability Partner to support
you in achieving your personal and professional
goals and commitments between sessions.
Begin holding your own workshops and seminars.
14 Days of LIVE Training with Jack Canfield
Online learning continued…
QUESTIONS? CALL: 1-805-881-5191
Week #2: September 23 – 29, 2018
Southern California
During this second session, you will return to work with
Jack and his Senior Training Team to practice and
perfect all aspects of your training skill set—includ
ing practicing advanced presentation and processing
techniques, storytelling for impact, techniques to anchor
workshop lessons with your students, and giving a
presentation on stage with feedba
ck directly from Jack Canfield.
Training object
ives include:
Build on the original workshop model of 10 Core Succe
ss Principles by learning
additional principles
fundamental for creating personal success.
Master group dynamics—enabling you to take charge
of any training room, rapidly establish group
cohesion, and create a “safe space”
for every student to learn and grow.
Step outside your comfort zone and d
evelop your own charisma as a trainer.
Experience deeper personal growth and connection
with your fellow participants, which often leads
to co-facilitating workshops, co-authoring books,
and forming financially lucrative partnerships.
Participate in a memorable Graduation Ceremony
with your fellow trainers and celebrate with a
fantastic dinner and cocktail reception, incl
uding Jack’s famous “Trainer Olympics”.
Become equipped to carry on the legacy of Jack Canfield.
At the conclusion of Week #2, each student will ha
ve the opportunity to be certified as a Train the
Trainer Level II Certified Canfield Tr
ainer in The Canfield Methodology.
The LIVE program officially kicks off in January 2018
with your first of 10 Group Video Conference Calls
facilitated by Jack’s senior trainers, Kathleen Seel
ey and Patty Aubery. These monthly calls are highly
engaging, and create space for you to experience the
power of the group, share challenges, problem solve,
and celebrate accomplishments. They are designed to
prepare you in advance for success at the live events,
and give you the support and strategies you
need to be successful in the program.
Receive direct access to Jack on his live “Ask Jack” vi
deo teleconference calls. During these live sessions, he’ll
answer your questions as you work
through the material, develop your
skills, and grow your business.
Connect with thousands of your fellow Canfield Trai
ners worldwide to collaborate, share ideas, compare
audience impact, and join post-training opportunities
in our robust and acti
ve Facebook Group for our
trainer community. You will also be part of
a private Facebook group exclusively for the 50
participants in the live program to foster on
going connection and su
pport within the group.

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