James Jones – Guide to Self-Publishing on Smashwords

Jun 3, 2013
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Dear Publisher,

One month and two days after she became a New York Times best-selling author, R.L. Mathewson was asked in an interview:
“How did you discover Smashwords, and how has it assisted your publishing and distribution strategy?”

R.L. Mathewson then said, “I discovered Smashwords by accident. I couldn’t find a way to self-publish through Borders.com, so I contacted customer service and was directed to Smashwords.

“Publishing through Smashwords has made the process of publishing really quite easy. I still self-publish through Amazon.com and B&N for my older books, but for iBooks, Kobo, etc., I find it easier to go through Smashwords. It saves me a great deal of time and if I have a problem, I found that Smashwords customer service is really helpful. That’s a huge plus for someone who publishes on her own.

“With the new improvements that they’ve made, I’ve decided to distribute all future books solely through Smashwords for distribution to Amazon.com and B&N to further simplify the process.”

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