James Renouf – Twitter Lead Explosion

Name Product: James Renouf – Twitter Lead Explosion

Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/735260-twitter-lead-explosion-james-renouf-shawn-casey-brian-koz.html

Price: $9.95

How is it going ?

That one simple phrase “how’s it going” has made one of the biggest impacts on my online career and now you will understand why.

Here’s what happened. One day I went to the grocery store. I bought my groceries and I get to the checkout to pay for it.

I asked the cashier “how’s it going?”. I was expecting “fine”. The cashier proceeds to tell me about how terrible things are for them and basically how much their life sucks.

I’m thinking damn. I just was trying to be nice. Now I have to listen to all this. You could say I shouldn’t have asked that question if I didn’t want to hear the answer. You could say maybe I should have had a heart and genuinely cared about what they had to say. The fact is I could have cared less at the time. I just wanted my groceries and scan my rewards card while you are at it real quick.


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