Jason Fladlien – Speed Client Formula

Jan 8, 2014
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Name Product: Jason Fladlien – Speed Client Formula Sale Page: http://speedclient.com/ Price: $97

Course Content

+ Module 1: Who, What, Where – in this short module we explain the overall process as well as giving you the exact roadmap for getting the most out of this training as quickly as possible.

+ Module 2: Who To Target – discover exactly which businesses are perfect for the Speed Client system and how to find the lowest hanging fruits in ANY local area.

+ Module 3: The Godfather Offer – an overview of each component of the speed client system, as well as the benefits it provides to the local business and how to quickly “assemble” it for success.

+ Module 4: Prospecting Made Easy – step by step breakdown of the various ways you can get the most lucrative businesses to want to pay you!

+ Module 5: Get That Check! – exactly how to “sell” each client, including asking for the order and taking the monthly payments.

+ Module 6: Service Fulfillment – how to outsource each part of the Speed Client system… pay pennies to outsource what local businesses are paying you THOUSANDS of dollars for…

+ Module 7: Advanced Tactics – including how to get a bump on the initial order, plus cross-selling and upselling opportunities for local businesses…

+ Plus The Bonuses



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