Jeremiah Villagomez – Graphics BlackBox 3.0

May 31, 2014
IM Software
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Name Product: Jeremiah Villagomez – Graphics BlackBox 3.0 Sale Page: Price: $17

I noticed a trend last year.

Some of the top internet marketers and experts started using “minimalist” styles and fiat designs in their marketing pages and sales letters.

What´s interesting… the more it gets simpler, sometimes even “uglier”, the more conversion rates are improving, sales increasing, and profits are getting bigger for them.

I also started testing it with some of my client projects and my own websites in the last few months with good results. It is sometimes mind-boggling.

Let me make something clear though:

l´m sure it´s also because of other sales and marketing factors, like sales copy, brand, product positioning, offer, and joint venture partnerships… but you get I mean.


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