Jim Cockrum – Wholesale Sourcing Conference

Nov 20, 2015
Big Course
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In Early Spring 2015 Four of Amazon’s Top Expert Sellers Revealed Their Secrets for Finding Wholesale Deals,

Locally & Globally

Conducted on location just prior to the Vegas ASD

Attendees paid $1,300 + travel and hotel to attend…
but we captured it all for you on video!

The training revealed in these videos is just as useful for those who DIDN’T or CAN’T attend trade shows live

and it applies to any trade show you might ever attend. The training will help you understand why wholesalers

and brand owners need you, and how to properly approach them live or virtually. As a bonus, we are including

the book ‘Trade Show No Show’ from TradeShowNoShow.com that reveals how you can find great inventory from trade

shows without ever attending one!

SALE PAGE | Price: $467

Jim Cockrum – Wholesale Sourcing Conference: Videos, PDFs | Size: 1.5 GB


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