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Mar 23, 2014
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Name Product: Jkennedy – Solo Ad Arbitrage Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/908574-solo-ad-arbitrage-make-45-150-day-starting-today-no-list-no-website-free-easy.html Price: $9

What if I told you that you can start making $45-150 or MORE every single day, starting TODAY… without a list, website, experience or spending a single dime?
You’d probably laugh in my face and dismiss it right away.
We’ve all seen the “shiny object” hocus pocus WSO‘s and products out there that promise the world and simply don’t deliver.
Rest assured… Solo Ad Arbitrage WORKS, and I’m actually going to explain the process and method behind it right here, right now.
I want to be 100% transparent so you know I’m not pulling the wool over your eyes. If you’re struggling to pay the bills or “actually” make money online, today is your lucky day.
In fact, I’m just going to drop the first couple pages right here on this thread. Keep reading…
What is a solo ad?
A solo ad is simply when someone pays someone else to send out an email to their list that promotes their product or service.
Solo ads are usually paid on a per click basis. Meaning you pay someone for a certain amount of clicks on your link in their email to your page.
At the time of this writing, solo ads average from .30-.50 per click. You can find solos for higher and lower. I’ve seen them as low as .20 per click and as high as $1 or more per click (this is usually to a very high quality buyer list.. or for a niche outside of IM).
So as an example to put it all into perspective, a typically transaction may look something like:
John pays Chris to send out and email (to Chris’s list) that promotes John’s squeeze page. John pays Chris .35 per click for 200 clicks to his page for a total of $70.
So in perspective, Chris is making money simply by mailing his email list.
Solo ads in general are extremely hot and you can see why. People are flat out making a killing by selling solos to their list. On the other side of the coin, people are in constant need of traffic. Solo ads are one of the best forms of traffic out there because they provide an “on-demand” source of traffic that is relatively inexpensive and highly targeted.

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