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Feb 24, 2014
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Name Product: Joe Troyer – Manufacturing Authority Sale Page: Price: $97

About a year ago I was closing a client, at this point they were already sold they just wanted a “proposal”. I spent a 2-3 days putting together a kick @$$ plan to literally dominate online and sent it over to them. Days came and went and I heard nothing from the client, finally I got sick of wondering what was up, and I called the client. Turns out they chose another company.

Wait? What?

I literally rocked the meeting with them, and they were all drooling…

I ended up tracking down the company and that’s when I found this.

After reverse engineering the whole process, studying every single step out the whazoo and testing for months I was able to get this down to a proven, repeatable process.

And then… I took the model to a whole new level.

The reason it creates such uncommon results is because it does a couple unique things for you:

First, it not only systematically breaks down the step by step process on becoming a bestselling author, but then leverages your new “status” as a bestselling author to get featured on:


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