Jonathan Mead – Trailblazer

Jun 10, 2015
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Will you accept and become the trailblazer you were born to be?

We are in need of defiant souls, those courageous enough to reject the status quo, leave the work-to-survive world behind and forge their own path.

But when it comes to getting paid to serve the world with your unique gifts, there’s one endeavor that separates the valiantly triumphant from the never ending wanderers.

This one thing is so important, so critical, that it can mean the difference between forging a path directly to your legacy work or a life where you’re constantly wandering, never quite sure where you’re going or when you’ll get there.

Of course, I’m talking about your Foundational Training.

Through this training, you mature from operating as an amateur to operating as a professional. You stop working from a place of fear (working to survive) and start working from a place of courage. Work becomes an expression of your deepest purpose.

However, because most people neglect this important initiation period, they never know where they’re going.

They don’t know what their passion is.
They don’t know how to present their gifts in a way where their value is clearly seen.
They don’t know what tribe or community they’re meant to serve.

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