Jordan Belfort – Straight Line Persuasion Fast Track

Jul 30, 2015
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The Wolf of Wall Street himself, Jordan Belfort, presents persuasion tips for use in both sales and everyday life. The course aims to help learners “get anyone to say yes to anything.” The online modules feature video material explaining the key aspects, which range from body language and rapport building to mental attitude and pinpointing another person’s reasons for saying yes to a sale, idea, or proposal. The course is delivered weekly to allow time for the skills taught to be applied and built upon.

The week-by-week breakdown includes:

Week One: Belfort introduces the Straight Line Persuasion System. Topics include “The Dark Side of Persuasion,” “The ‘Good Enough’ Factor, and Why Small Improvements Still Count,” and “Strategy for Moving from ‘Maybe’ to ‘Yes’“
Week 2: Students work on building rapport. Topics include “Jordan’s Rules of Eye Contact,” “Winning Sales Without Selling,” and “A Word-for-Word Sales Script”
Week 3: Students overcome inner roadblocks and insecurities impacting their confidence. Topics include “Removing Beliefs Preventing Success,” ”Using Pessimism to Help Create Success,” and “How to ‘Spark the Force Inside You’”
Week 4: Students integrate their lessons into their own sales sequence. Topics include “Preventing a Prospect from Going Cold,” “Seven Key Words to Use Near the End of Every Sale,” and ”Jordan’s ‘EI=BO’ Sale Closing Formula”

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