Kelly Kingman & Pamela Wilson – eBook Evolution

Jun 30, 2013
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eBook Evolution gives you everything you need to create great-looking ebooks in a snap, and market them using proven techniques.

The Power of Ebooks

Ebooks are the ideal vehicle for spreading your ideas. And they can be powerful money makers, too.

Today, there are two important ebook formats: PDF and ereader. Each offers something unique.

PDF ebooks can be read on almost any electronic device from a computer screen to a mobile phone.
Ereader-style ebooks can be read on tablet devices like Kindle, iPad and Nook, and they can be sold from online booksellers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the iBookstore.

The ebook market is booming: almost half of Americans are expected to buy an ebook this year. is regularly in the top ten most-visited websites in the world with millions of site visitors every day.


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