Kenrick Cleveland – Dark Side 1 & 2

Jun 5, 2017
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Kenrick Cleveland – Dark Side 1 & 2

For a brief period, I allowed people to purchase my course that exposed some of the most potent language patterns known to man.Dark Side I – but then I quickly took it off the market because of fear the material was going to be used for evil. The number of calls over the years asking me to allow them to purchase the Dark Side I kept growing. It was the hottest, most powerful set of persuasion tools I have ever produced (an instant “cult classic”). But, after releasing 17 of the most powerful patterns known to man, something inside of me told me the work was not complete – it was missing some key information that needed to be included.Dark Side II was born!

Where Dark Side I was dedicated to just the patterns themselves, Dark Side II expands on how you put these patterns and concepts to use. Dark Side II takes the material to a whole new level. Dark Side II also covers the patterns, but it is not the patterns that are most is the new concepts and revelations I had over the last few years while putting this material together for you.

Dark Side I is composed of the audio recording of a live seminar, redorded live Q&A session, manual and transcript.

Dark Side II is composed of 6 modules + 2 bonus modules, 8 recorded Live Q&A sessions, workbooks, and transcripts of everything.

Also includes “Verbal Pacing & Leading and Emotional States” learning session.

SALE PAGE | Price: $499

Kenrick Cleveland – Dark Side 1: Videos, PDFs | Size: 1 GB


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