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Jun 5, 2017
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“The Secret Strategy Governments Use To Control The Masses…
…and how to INSTANTLY defend yourself against it…”

From The Desk Of Kenrick Cleveland:

Dear Friend,

Do you have a sickening sense of.

Impending doom… that the other shoe is about to drop?

Then you, my friend, are carrying around an unnecessary burden.

That you might not even be aware of. because…
Your Mind Is Being Taken Advantage Of…
With each day passing…

Your anxiety rises. you are thrown off balance… All because of a very specific reason.

One that you’ll discover when you keep reading the letter below. And even more important, how to finally put an end to it.

Hey, this is Kenrick and.
I Have A Confession To Make!
For a long time I was feeling angry. a sense of helplessness enveloped me. And with each passing day, the intensity grew and grew.

I was stuck. A sliver of my control disappearing every day. Each morning, it was harder for me to get out of bed. to face the world. to be productive!

I felt like a deer stuck in the headlights…with a mac truck barreling down the road.

I mean what would be the point…

When I turned on the computer or the TV and saw.. Impending Doom
The economy collapsing. Terrorists blowing up buildings. Countries being ripped to shreds.

A never ending cycle of horrific devastation.

Listen, I completely understand the old media adage. If It Bleeds It Leads
People don’t tune in to watch puppy dogs licking childrens faces.

But. be kept up to date on the constant flux of the world.

And I realized…

The non-stop flow of negative stories wasn’t even the source of my feelings.

…anxiety, doom, worry. wasn’t the reason I was loosing control.

In fact, they were just a mask… for something much more severe.

Something that was purposely slipped beneath the surface causing…
My Mind To Start Changing and
NOT In A Good Way
If you know me personally. you know I’m a very opinionated person. I value my freedoms and privacy. It’s a deep part of who I am.

And when I started to realize my values and beliefs were slowly shifting from under my feet…

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