Kevin Zicherman – MyWiFi Business in a Box

Jul 16, 2018
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Kevin Zicherman – MyWiFi Business in a Box

Discover the Breakthrough Plug-and-Play Strategy That Exploded My Recurring Income, On Autopilot!

Forget “Local Marketing” as you know it, or outsourcing, or doing any ‘work’…

Local Businesses Will Chase You For This…
Pay You Monthly For This…
Absolutely LOVE You For This…

And The Best Part Is…

They’ve Never Heard of This!

This is the perfect solution for any local marketer who’s looking to build or grow his/her local marketing business to a full-time monthly income lightning fast…

… and do it without ongoing ‘work’!

This plug-and-play system:

Runs automatic promotions
Collects valuable marketing data on target customers
Allows your client to develop powerful marketing campaigns

And YOU get paid each month for simply plugging it in!


SALE PAGE | Price: $697

Kevin Zicherman – MyWiFi Business in a Box: Videos, PDFs | Size: 16.5 GB


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