Larry McMillan – New Option Strategy Course

Mar 20, 2016
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This updated course on options strategies brings to life one of the most respected and highly sought after educators in the industry. Rarely will you find a standalone course that delivers strategies this powerful. It’s an exceptional look at methods developed from years of trading experience – all bundled together in a six-hour workshop.
Updated with current examples and applications and almost 200 new pages in the manual, this bestselling options course is now more powerful than ever.
The money-making tactics you’ll learn make this the most important investment you make in your trading future. With Larry McMillan’s NEW Option Strategies Course you get:

· Over 6 hours of presentation from one of the most respected authorities in options.
· An 278 page manual that includes Larry’s own option strategies
· Detailed insight on using the VIX to predict explosive buy signals.
· Tactics to hedge against risk in your stock portfolio using volatility futures
· Money management strategies that allow you to dial in on the optimal trade size
· Proven tips on how to protect your account from the costly impact mistakes

Plus the trading wisdom of a legend on strategies and techniques like:
-Speculative Buying
-Covered Calls
-Straddle Buying
-Calendar Spread
-Naked Options
-Credit Spreads

SALE PAGE | Price: $599

Larry McMillan – New Option Strategy Course: Videos, PDFs | Size: 12.4 GB


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