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Aug 3, 2018
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Earn $250, $500, and Even $1000 Commissions… Along With Big Monthly & Even Tier-2 ProfitsFrom Multiple Products and Services…

Without Actually Promoting ANY of Them!

This Video from Lee Murray Will Change the Way You Think About Making Money Online…

Dear Friend,

Hey, it’s Lee Murray offering you a warm, hearty welcome to FUNNEL WORLD.

This is the system that is going to change your life.

It just… plain… is.

How can I be so sure?

One word… saturation

More on that in a moment.

First, Let Me Ask You a Question…

Do you feel like nothing is ever going to work for you?

Seriously, it’s fine to be honest. I know the feeling, if you do feel that way. 

Have you ever been so freakin’ stuck that your brain stopped working right? You just started scrambling… hopping from one “money-making” idea to the next, in rapid succession, like this…

“Okay, maybe I can place an ad on the Warrior Forum to write articles for people. No, that’ll take too long to do and I’ll get stuck with time-consuming obligations that don’t pay enough. Not worth it. Maybe I should build a list. But where will I get traffic from? I don’t have time to get free traffic. I don’t have money to get paid traffic. Can I launch a product? Not without affiliates. And how long will it take me to create the damn thing?…

“PLR. I’ll sell PLR. But to whom? It’ll still take me too much time to write a sales letter to sell the PLR, and there are no guarantees that anyone would buy. Heck, maybe I should just beg for money. Let me Google ‘online begging’ and see if there’s something fruitful. But grrr, that would kill my pride. Product reviews! I’ll do product reviews. But…”

Ever go down like that for ya?

If not, you’re lucky.

I haven’t been so lucky. Nor have most people I know.

Seems like everything either takes too long to learn, is much too complicated, requires too much effort for too little of a guarantee, or the rewards themselves will take an eternity to be actualized.

It’s maddening.

I See It Time and Time Again…

We all want success so badly we can taste it.

Even moreso, we can’t tolerate the thought of failure, especially if we’re not in the greatest of financial situations.

We need money now.

We at least need to know that we’re on the right path.

When it comes to making an online income, even a tiny amount of money can serve as proof positive that our efforts WILL be worth it if we keep pressing on.

Most of us need that proof.

Hell, I do.

And that’s why I was so tickled to earn the $140.20 and the $8.86 that I showed you above. It’s because I earned that money in a TOTALLY NEW way. A much easier, far more passive way than I had previously been earning my living.

It’s honestly the most exciting way in which I’ve made money in a long, long time!

Because I know it will just keep growing and growing, and that OTHER PEOPLE are going to make sure that it does. After all, THEY’RE the ones who are promoting everything… not me!

That’s right…

I’ve got other people doing all of the dirty work for me. All that I need to do is send people their way. But I don’t even do THAT directly!

What I’m about to share with you today may just SHOCK you.


Affiliate marketing is as dead as fried chicken.

Well, it’s dead to ME… and it’s about to be dead to YOU, as well.


Because it’s limited…

  • Your ability to pre-sell and come up with bonuses dictates your income.
  • The fact that someone needs to buy something if you’re gonna get paid sucks.
  • It’s a one and done proposition. Whether they buy or not, the process ends.
  • You’re building the vendor’s list… they’ll keep promoting but you won’t get paid for it.
  • Most often, you’re not promoting recurring income products.
  • Most often, there’s no serious big-ticket potential.

As you can see, there’s a pretty low ceiling when it comes to how well you can do with affiliate marketing when you do it the “old” way. Think about it…

Have you ever built an email list with pre-loaded affiliate emails, sent traffic to a squeeze page (just like you were told to do), and then watched helplessly as absolutely nothing happened?

Happens all the time.

Ever written a product review that made zero sales?

How about a blog post, or an article, or a video… and yet not a sale to be found anywhere?

Happens… all… the… time.


This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t embrace affiliate marketing. You totally should.

But it’s time to completely turn it on its head. 


Again, it’s all about saturation.

When You Saturate, You Dominate!

Okay, take a deep breath.

I’m about to introduce you to your new world.

This world centers around three magic little letters.

Ready for ’em?


That’s all you need to know. OPF’s will set you free, quite possibly forever.

And just what are OPF’s? Simple…

Other people’s funnels.

Imagine, instead of sending your traffic straight to an affiliate offer, you sent it to an entire promotional machine designed to pay you ALL THE TIME… and in a multitude of ways.

Imagine that the vendor DID send out dozens or hundreds of emails… and EACH ONE of them earned you affiliate commissions on all sorts of different products.

Imagine the vendor earning you recurring commissions… like $15 or $20 per month PER SALE… where over time, you could be earning thousands monthly just from these little ongoing, hands-free commissions alone.

Enough to pay for your rent, your bills, your food, your gas, your insurance… and have some fun on top of it. 🙂

Imagine the vendor selling his or her own high-ticket products and/or coaching and, without you doing ANY WORK WHATSOEVER, you had a $1000, $2000, or even $3000 commission hit your PayPal account!

What if this particular vendor was able to generate just 2-3 of these high-ticket sales for you each month?


Because there are many, many opportunities like this out there… not just one.

Now I want you to imagine the exact same scenario as above, but instead of just one vendor sending out hundreds of emails for you, you’ve got 5-7 additional vendors all doing the same thing, and each one of them has their own high-ticket program(s) that can earn you thousands.

Your prospects receive several emails from several different people (doing the dirty work, so you never have to sell or promote a single paid product)… and these prospects have absolutely NO IDEA that YOU’RE the one earning all of the commissions.

You’re essentially a non-factor.

Totally operating in the background.

Earning left, right, and center.

While other, highly-motivated, marketing-savvy people do al of the work for you. They promote the offers. They close the offers. They do this over and over and over again. And you keep getting paid for it!

But It Gets Even BETTER!

Because when you do what I’m showing you how to do today, you don’t even need to send your traffic to these people. At least, not actively. It’s gonna become a passive process, using your own type of highly specialized funnel that creates total saturation and money out the doggone ears.

It’s like a funnel that promotes funnels.

Resulting in… like… a town full of funnels. Nay, like a country full of funnels.

No, that’s still not it.

A world. Yeah, that’s it. It’s like a world full of funnels.

It’s like one big, giant…


I couldn’t be more proud to introduce you to FUNNEL WORLD, amigo.

This makes life soooo… much… easier.

And here’s why…

Instead of promoting affiliate products, you promote OPF’s.


Instead of you promoting these OPF’s directly

You follow my lead and build just one single funnel that takes people through a special process. And this process gets your subscribers signed up to MANY, if not ALL of these OPF’s… automatically!

Then, the individuals behind the OPF’s go to work sending your people through THEIR funnels.

And some of these funnels are deep, compadre!

You’ll still be earning fat commissions from new promotions that these OPF’s are cranking out YEARS from now!

And yet all that you EVER need to do is send people to YOUR funnel.

In FUNNEL WORLD, You’re About to Discover:

  • How to craft a simple “master funnel” that will make people fall in love with you.
  • Which OPF’s to promote, and in which order.
  • How to elegantly promote more than one OPF at a time.
  • How to earn Tier 2 affiliate commissions that can set you free for life!
  • How to replace your job income just with small, recurring commissions alone!
  • Why the user retention on these recurring commissions will be sky-high!
  • How to get paid without any sales being made at all. Welcome to PPL (pay-per-lead)!
  • How one of our OPF’s has a PPL program built right in… no sales required!
  • How to start for FREE, and then use your profits to skyrocket your income!

Make No Mistake, You’ve Never Seen Anything Quite Like This… At Least I Haven’t!

This is far superior to basic, “raw” affiliate marketing. You’ve got a safety net the size of Texas with this system. No “one and done” marketing. You’ll have so many income sources it’ll make your head spin.

And yet all that you ever have to do, once you build out your funel in the way that I show you, is send your traffic to one single page.

That’s all you’ll EVER have to do!

By the way, if you ever want to add raw affiliate promotions to your funnel, you’re more than welcome to do that, too! Nothing wrong with extra income streams. Just make sure that you are, in fact, adding it to your funnel, and letting your funnel do all of the work for you. 🙂


It should be your ONLY business in the IM niche. Anything else you do online should be done exclusively for the purpose of getting more people into your funnel.

“Speaking of Traffic, How Will I Get It, Lee?”

Listen, I want you to succeed just as much as you do.

And that’s why, not only do I personally teach you five of my favorite FREE traffic methods, I also point you in the direction of some quality PAID sources of traffic, as well.

Beyond that, the OPF vendors want you to succeed too. The better YOU do, the better THEY do. And so they’ve got some great traffic training, tools, and resources for you to use as well. They also provide you with full-on action plans so that you can get the most out of your promotions.

So yes, traffic is covered in great depth.

And it’s very, very good traffic training. Elite-level stuff. Your success will be fostered by both myself and our OPF communities. This is the big time, baby! 🙂

Just remember, when you follow any OPF’s traffic advice, you still want to be sending people into your FUNNEL WORLD funnel, and not straight to the OPF’s themselves.

Trust me, this will be better for both you AND the OPF’s. No question!

“So How Much Will Following Your System Cost Me, Lee?”

As with most businesses worth operating, this won’t be 100% free to run. You’ll need the basics:

  • Autoresponder
  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Page Builder (you can get it installed through Fiverr for $5-15)
  • Tracking

No matter what business you run, you’ll need these tools. So this is not exclusive to FUNNEL WORLD. It’s just the cost of doing business online.

Combine these with the $9.95 for the FUNNEL WORLD system itself, and you’re looking at about $50 out of pocket… and that’s a VERY high estimation. Could be quite a bit cheaper.

Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, not all OPF’s are free to join… but some are. In fact, I have you starting with the free ones so that you can build some fast income. If you choose to reinvest your profits to unlock new opportunities, then fantastic. If not, you can still keep earning multiple streams of income 100% for FREE (plus the cost of the aforementioned staple tools)!

Compare this to the tens of thousands of dollars (and endless hassle) required to create a brick n’ mortar business, and you’re in pretty gosh darn good shape, kimosabe.

“Are There Any Upsells?”

Yes, there are upgrade opportunities for you to consider. NONE of them are required to make FUNNEL WORLD work. But they are dynamite additions!

OTO1 – The DFY “Funnel World” Funnel:

Includes 21 OPF-centered emails, an OPF-centered lead magnet, a DFY squeeze page, a DFY thank-you page, and a video tutorial showing you how to set it all up and get yourself ready for massive success. You’ll cut out 80% of the setup work with this one upgrade alone. It’s only $27, so definitely worth considering!


There’s the easy way to do things, and then there’s the EXTREME way. In this day-by-day video case study series, I show you how I personally built my own funnel, “OPF Madness.” It includes many advanced strategies, including creating a video course, using push notifications, hijacking OPF funnels, traffic-getting, and much more. ($47)

OTO3 – “The Breakfast Embed Mega Pack”:

This is my incredible, award-winning traffic strategy that allows you to create traffic-pulling blog posts using embedded videos, my spin-ready script (included), and a special kind of Twitter marketing. Great traffic for your FUNNEL WORLD funnel! ($67)

OTO4 – “IM Niche Domination”:

This is my launch jacking system, complete with TWO spin-ready product review templates. Simply fill in your own information and the information of the product you’re reviewing using my simple instructions, and you’ll end up with tons of free Google traffic, while making direct product sales and sending people to your FW funnel! ($47)

Again, you don’t need ANY of these.

FUNNEL WORLD all on its own is enough to change your entire reality.

But they are really good add-ons, and certainly worth your consideration if you can afford them. 🙂

“Got Any Bonuses, Mister?”

Yes indeed…

Bonus #1 – OPF Madness

For starters, you get “OPF Madness,” which is just about the best stinkin’ bonus you possible could get!

This is my own personal funnel.

This allows you to see in a very real-world sense, exactly how to set yourself up for success at every turn.

When you see the way that I’m doing my funnel…

You’ll have something real and concrete to model.

Again, this isn’t just theory.

I do this stuff myself!

Bonus #2 – Private “FUNNEL WORLD” Facebook Group Access:

You will also be given access to my exclusive, closed FUNNEL WORLD Facebook Group. As a member, you will be able to interact with others who are going through this same process. We can all share ideas, tips, support, and any new OPF opportunities that we discover.

Bonus #3 – OPF Traffic With Momen:

Wanna know how I know that Momen’s traffic strategy works? Well, I already told you that he’s my sponsor in two OPF’s! He’s made hundreds of dollars from me, and he’s going to make thousands upon thousands more.

And the only reason why that is happening is because his traffic strategy pulled me in.

We didn’t even know each other at the time!

That’s the power of Momen’s OPF traffic strategy.

And he’s willing to share a video with you that walks you through the method in detail. You’re gonna LOVE this!

“Lee, Does FUNNEL WORLD Come With a Money-Back Guarantee?”


If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the training, then hit me up at [email protected] and I’ll make sure that you receive your investment back.

Honestly, this system is so powerful, I never see that happening.

But it’s nice to have peace of mind knowing that your investment is risk-free.

SALE PAGE | Price: $10

Lee Murray – Funnel World: Videos, PDFs | Size: 604 MB


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