Local Video Domination 2.0

Name Product: Fast Ways To Get Real online Income Local Video Domination 2.0 Offline Video SEO Marketing Madness

Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/613693-fast-ways-get-real-online-income-local-video-domination-2-0-offline-video-search-engine-optimization-marketing-madness.html

Price: $12.45

I swear, I think John’s WSOs are the best kept secret on the Warrior Forum.

His ‘RSS Feed Dream’ from a few weeks back was absolutely unreal, and now ‘Local Video Domination 2.0?. Freakin’ wow.

If anything, I almost hate that he called it ‘Local Domination’, as that sorta implies that you can (or should) only use this for offline stuff. ANY marketer that’s even *remotely* thinking of using video needs to dive head first into this WSO, and pronto.


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