Lukas Adamski – Sales Graphics Rush 2.0

Name Product: Lukas Adamski – Sales Graphics Rush 2.0

Sale Page:

Price: $17

If you’re looking to hire a professional graphic designer you can be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on sales page graphics, minisite, ecover graphics, etc.

The regular rate for a full sales page design is $200. And sometimes it can go as high as $500! And there is no guarantee you’ll get what you want (and on time)!

Another route would be to use some cheap, free graphics you find online, or use generic, template-feel graphics from Optimize Press or other software. But if you want to look UNIQUE and create a MAGNETIC first impression iťs not the best option…

Another way would be to fiddle with Photoshop and take years to master this monster (not fun).

The good news is, I did all the HARD WORK for you! Forget about all that non-sense!
Sales Graphics Rush 2.0
Boost Your Website Conversions Instantly With 700+ World-Class Sales Page Graphics



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