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Jul 7, 2018
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How Offering a Free ‘GDPR Audit’ Is
Landing $3,000 Per Month SEO Clients
A single cold email about GDPR is getting a
70% response from US business owners
The catch… You MUST target the RIGHT prospects.

Want a sneaky way to get your foot in the door with local business owners and book them as high fee consulting clients? Then you need to hear the surprising story on how I’ve been using the new GDPR laws (that have been all over the news lately) to land $3,000/month consulting clients like clockwork.

This approach uses a cold ‘legal warning’ email that scares biz owners into accepting a free GDPR audit. I’ve been seeing a 70% response rate to this offer and using a ‘complementary SEO site scan’ to book them as $3,000 per month SEO clients (closing rate of 1 in 10, locked into annual contracts).

A 70% response seems unheard of in the consulting world, yet it makes perfect sense when you consider that GDPR is all over the news. There is a lot of confusion and fear as to what it means for US business owners, AND no one is approaching smaller local businesses about this potential liability.

Read on to learn how YOU can use the same email sales strategy I’ve been using to land BIG checks every month from clients, locked in for a full year:

Here’s why this is a BIG deal for biz owners: On May 25th, 2018 a new law has gone into effect called the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. This law puts strict requirements on how a business handles their customers data and businesses may face fines of 25 million or 3% of their revenue (in fact Google and Facebook are facing fines of up to 9 billion on the very first day).


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