Make Money by Day Trading in Stocks

Mar 23, 2018
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Learn day trading strategies with proper entry, stops and exits. Become market ready! Part 2 with day trading strategies
There are lots of courses in the market that talks about stock trading in general. Here is one that talks about “Day Trading” and generating income as a Day Trader. This is the 2st part of the series.
I will walk you through the day trading strategies that include the concepts of:
How I prepare my gap list every day
Selecting stocks to trade
Managing position size and Risks
My Strategy includes:
5 min Play
Power Bar Continuation
Power Bar with Pull Back
Mid Bar Continuation
Weak Bar Reversal
Fade Play
Bounce on Support Play
Bounce on 200 Day Moving Average
Entry and Exit Rules
Advanced concepts like:
When Not to Trade
Hard Stop vs. Soft Stop
Course Outline:
1 – Introduction – We talk about what to expect and topics that we will cover.
9 – Strategies – Lot of time is spent on the strategies explaining each one of them with details on entry, stops, adding to position, targets and exits with plenty of examples on buy and sell side. This is the main focus of this course.
12 – Wrap Up – From the start of the trading day to end of the trading day, things that I do.
All the other topics are covered in the Part 1 series

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