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Aug 14, 2017
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That $370,000 is for work I did in December alone NOT accumulated royalties from campaigns created over many previous months. I earned that money working for the

client only about four hours a day.

I gave myself 15 days off in December nearly half the month to hang with my wife and kids for the holidays. Since I only worked half-days for half the month about 64 hours

in all that 370,000 works out to an income of 5,781.25 for every hour I spent at my desk. Im not cherry-picking here. January was not my largest payday. Some months, my

royalty from a client is only 100,000 or 200,000. The largest was more than 650,000 nearly twice what I made in January.

Pre-testing also has auxiliary usage like it is often used as an identifier of weak spots in the ad campaign, or to most effectively structure the airtime slots to split the sixty

second advertisements to thirty second advertisements. It can also be used to choose some images that can be used in integrated print ads. It may be used for extraction of

key moments that can be used for ad tracking but also for identification of key branding moments.

The Positioning Advertising Copy Testing or PACT Principles are the guidelines that constitute a good or great copy test system.

PACT has laid down the following criterion for copy testing systems:

It has standardized and laid down some metrics that may be relevant to the overall target of the ad

It provides information about the usage of the results found during this phase.

Multiple measurements are made for greater accuracy as single measurements may fall short for evaluating the ad performance.

Copy testing be done in many ways but all the ways have the same three elements. The first element is the most important i.e. the selection of a group of people that are

chosen as target audience who are asked a series of questions about the product or service. Second element being the exposure of the select group to a bunch of ads, one of

which is the ad being tested and the last one is to follow up questions that were asked about the product.

After a successful phase of copy testing, advertising campaigns often need to be revised or corrected. It is believed that copy testing ensures that an advertising agency will

be able to lower the chances of thwarting a successful advertisement campaign.

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