Marlon Sanders – Big Book of Secrets

Dec 16, 2013
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Name Product: Marlon Sanders – Big Book of Secrets Sale Page: Price: $97

Walter said, “Hey Marlon, what did you think of the swimming pool?”

I said, “Walter, WHAT swimming pool?”

He said, “Go through the door at the side of the room.”

See, I was there to write a letter to help him sell his seminar. I’d get roughly $7,500 to $10,000 for the letter. So Walter let me stay in the bedroom of his old house (he’d just built a new one).

Anyway, I opened the door and sure enough. A freakin’ Olympic-sized swimming pool that originally belonged to Franklin D. Roosevelt, the ex-President. It’s not every day you seem something like that in someone’s bedroom.

Then again, it ain’t every day you talk to someone worth SIX HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS, whose paying you to help THEM sell stuff. The way he MADE that $600,000,000 million is ever more fascinating, and I’ll tell you about that in a minute…


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