Matt Garrett – Blogdefender WordPress Security

Jan 6, 2013
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Name Product: Matt Garrett – Blogdefender WordPress Security Sale Page: Price: $17 If you are running a WordPress site without security then your site is either getting hacked right now or you’ve already been hacked & your website is simply in a queue to be exploited at a future date. Latest info from web security agencies is pretty alarming…

Security organisations like the Ponemon Institute report that 73% of all wordpress sites are hacked within 12 months & 72% of webmasters apply little or no security.

I run 100′s of websites and I’ve been hacked more times in the last 6 months than in the last 6 years – this has resulted in considerable down time & financial losses. My site stats show that all my WP sites are continuously attacked by hacking bots trying various exploits time & time again – this not only slowed my websites down but cost me in bandwidth & customers. This problem had to be solved.

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