Matt Stefanik – Crush It On Craigs List v2.0

Name Product: Matt Stefanik – Crush It On Craigs List v2.0

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Price: $37

Hi, my name is Matt Stefanik and I too, just like you, was at one point totally frustrated with Craigslist – to the point where I eventually gave up on Craigslist marketing all together.

But then I determined to figure out a way to use Craigslist the way I wanted to, not the limited way they wanted me to.

You see, I had already developed a consistent system for generating leads from Craigslist.  But,  I knew if I could generate several leads from posting highly effective, high converting ads in one city, all I had to do was figure out how to post in multiple Craigslist cities.

So I got to work.  I spent 10-12 hours per day at my desk for months testing and tweaking until my eyes were beat-red, my head spinning, my back destroyed and my hands feeling like I had carpal tunnel.



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