Michael Breen – Enhanced Sensory Acuity Training

Aug 21, 2013
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Name Product: Michael Breen – Enhanced Sensory Acuity Training Sale Page: http://nlptimes.com/SalesPages/ESA.php Price: €37

In this 90 minute tele-seminar you will hear Master Trainer Michael Breen share:

* What the key skills of sensory acuity are
* What is that strategy for developing enhanced sensory acuity skills
* What you really need to know about micro expression mapping
* What Michael recommends for developing finer and finer sensory acuity skill
* How detectable sub-modalities shifts are
* Hear critical distinctions about working with groups that every trainer or group communicator needs to know
* Why reading books will do next to nothing for developing skills for most people and why
* What ever trainer MUST have when working with any groups in order to create an effective learning experience
* And much more

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