Michael Cooch’s The Chase Formula

Name Product: Michael Cooch’s The Chase Formula

Sale Page: http://thechaseformula.com/

Price: $97

Dear Offline Warrior,

Everyone in this industry knows that the Local/Offline opportunity is huge. But how do you find enough clients to build a “real” business FAST?

That’s the million-dollar-question.

Search around the forum and you’ll find the same questions being asked over and over:

–    “Does cold calling work?”
–    “Should I do direct mail?”
–    “Should I go door-to-door?”

The far majority of Offline Marketers are stuck with just a handful of clients – not making anywhere near the money they should be and probably still working their full-time job doing something else – because they don’t have a PROVEN PROSPECTING SYSTEM they can rely on.

If you want to be the 500lb guerrilla of your market you must have a client-getting-system that is proven and predictable!

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