Mike Cooch – Local Contest Blueprint

Jul 14, 2015
Big Course
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This has been by far and away my favorite lead generation strategy in the last year…no matter what it is I’m trying to generate leads for. Nehal and I have packaged up our lessons learned so you can take advantage of this powerful strategy for you and your clients. You’ll learn:

The exact process we use to generate hot leads quickly and cheaply in any industry niche!
How giving away your client’s products and services may be the most profitable thing you’ll ever do for them!
How to package, price and sell these services so you generate recurring revenue from getting leads for your clients!
How you can apply this same system to generate leads at YOUR business!
Plus much more!

SALE PAGE | Price: $297

Mike Cooch – Local Contest Blueprint: Videos, PDFs | Size: 1.1 GB


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