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Jan 19, 2017
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What’s Included In The Dynamic Client SuperFunnel Program?
Your Client Getting SUPER FUNNEL
Automatically Turn Strangers Into Buyers
Now the VERY first thing we need to do is SETUP your client getting “SUPER FUNNEL”
Remember, those are the funnels that will automatically turn STRANGERS into BUYERS.

With you SuperFunnel you will NEVER have to sell to ANYONE who doesn’t want you FIRST.

I want you to ONLY talk with those that have DEMONSTRATED that they are willing to commit to you!

Because that’s the only way you can magnify your income and your impact.

I want you to actually IMPLEMENT and HAVE THE FUNNEL LIVE!

That’s why I will give you ALL the templates…
All the shortcuts…
I will literally give you the ONE CLICK SHARE FUNNEL!
(You literally will have my SUPER FUNNEL INSTANTLY in ClickFunnels).
You will have EVERYTHING you need to set this up and have it be automated…

How awesome is that???

Now it’s very important to remember that these 3 funnels MUST be setup in a VERY specific way…
I see so many people everyday get this wrong, and they don’t really understand the PURPOSE of each part… and they end up failing…

That’s why I teach you EXACTLY WHAT each part of is for AND HOW to set it up so it works perfectly.

The training and all the templates and funnels and everything is ALONE worth $2997…

Yes, Give Me The Client Getting SuperFunnel! Registration Ending Midnight EST on October 4th
How To Easily Get Profitable Clients From Facebook
Facebook is the absolute BEST place to get clients!

That’s why the Facebook Funnel you will have the FASTEST and SIMPLEST way to get profitable ads that get you clients from Facebook!

This is VERY important because a lot of Facebook training is about gimmicks and tricks that DO NOT WORK for getting clients. I will show you my exact templates and everything for Facebook.

We’re going to create the Facebook Ads TOGETHER.
I will show you exactly how to setup EVERYTHING…
And you won’t believe how SIMPLE all this is…

If you’ve never advertised before…
I will show my simple “NO LOSE” formula where I ALWAYS win in the long term, and only test $50 at a time…

You absolutely MUST get on Facebook ads if you want to get the highest value clients today, and with this training…
…and all the templates and coaching.

The value of this training alone is $1997 and it’s SO worth it!

And guess what… there’s even more!!
Yes, Give Me The Client Getting SuperFunnel! Registration Ending Midnight EST on October 4th
Okay, so you have…
2) You got awesome, profitable traffic coming from Facebook.

Hmmm… what ELSE do you need to succeed?
High Ticket NO DRAMA + HIGH PROFIT Enrollment System
You need the high ticket enrollment script!
I will show you EXACTLY the way to enroll HIGH TICKET clients with NO DRAMA and NO PRESSURE.
This is literally fun and very easy.
You literally follow it and clients will HAPPILY enroll for your program.

The biggest mistake I used to make is that I didn’t understand the PSYCHOLOGY of high ticket sales.
And I found that using “old school” sales advice actually sabotages your results and pisses off your good prospects!!!

That’s why I will give you the EXACT script to use, word for word.
Plus I will walk you through it and explain the whole PSYCHOLOGY behind it:
The things to watch out for…
AND the opportunities to really maximize things…

This EASILY can be a stand-alone high ticket selling course with a value of $1997.
It’s all included in this course for you 🙂

How awesome is that, huh??!

Yes, Give Me The Client Getting SuperFunnel! Registration Ending Midnight EST on October 4th
Okay so you have…
1) Your Client Getting SUPER-funnel.
2) Traffic is coming from Facebook.
3) You have your ninja High Ticket Enrollment Script AKA The No Drama High Ticket Sales Script

What else do you need to succeed???

Genius Email Automation
[Plug & Play Campaigns] What if there was a way you can AUTOMATICALLY get EVEN MORE sales…

Well, there is!
With Intelligent Email Sequencing…

THESE are the absolute best “plug and play” email campaigns that you just take, personalize… and they will go to work FOLLOWING UP with those future clients that were on the edge… but never applied…

These email sequences will do all the hard work for you…

Just ACTIVATING these email campaigns in your SUPERFUNNEL can double or even TRIPLE the amount of clients that sign up…

This is so EASY to install and the results are so DISPROPORTIONAL that it’s a no brainer to add it!
The training and the PLUG AND PLAY templates ALONE are worth $1497.
And it’s all included in the course!!
Yes, Give Me The Client Getting SuperFunnel! Registration Ending Midnight EST on October 4th
The Value Of Everything So Far…
When you add up ALL the value of everything you’re getting, it adds up to $8,488.

Now obviously I won’t charge you that much, but let’s role play for a second…
Imagine that you REALLY did pay that much.
And imagine that everything I said is 100% true, and you were able to get clients on auto-pilot…
All you had to do is show up and enroll them into your program…

How many high ticket clients would you need from this funnel so you make $8,488?

1? 2? 5? 10?

Whatever that number is, all you need is to get to get that many High Ticket Client and you’ll get your money back!!!

And that might take you a few weeks (or maybe days) after the funnel is live.

for the rest of your life..
you’re getting clients on AUTO-PILOT for pure profit!!!
(think how insane and valuable that is…)…

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