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Feb 19, 2014
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Name Product: Mike Koenigs – Author Expert Marketing Machines Certification Training Sale Page: http://authorexpertmarketingmachines.com/aemm_cert Price: $3,997

Every speaker, author, coach, or consultant needs and wants a platform.
And they’ll pay a fortune to get it.

(This is where YOU come in!)

Before I started Traffic Geyser, Instant Customer and creating my own information products, I was a highly-paid marketing consultant and worked with dozens of authors, experts, speakers, consultants and coaches.

I charged between $3,500 and $15,000 per month to help them build their platforms. That was before I had tools like our Marketing Machines – I had to do everything by hand or outsource it to someone else. It was extremely expensive and time-consuming. It still is for the majority of people who are trying to learn how to market themselves.

I figured out everything the hard way – attended events I couldn’t afford, hired consultants that charged me a fortune and frequently didn’t know as much as I did.

But despite that, I was earning $7,500 to $25,000 per month and I knew about a tenth of what I know now.

The reason I’m sharing this with you now is because with the tools and resources inside Author Expert Marketing Machines, you can easily build a platform of your own and even do it for other people.

But I’d like to accelerate the speed you can do this – and the effectiveness and give you another level of expertise in the shortest period of time PLUS give you additional tools, training and mentoring that go way beyond what you get inside Author Expert Marketing Machines.

Let me explain what you get with the Certification Program

You receive the following…
2-Day Hands-on Workshop here at Digital Café Studios in San Diego
Custom Certification Portal and Community
Certified Expert Coach Listing in Digital Café Store
Sales Presentation Slide “Deck” so you can promote this as a consultant
And an Author Expert Marketing Machines Retail Presentation so you can sell the system for $2,997 keep 50%!
Let me explain what all of this means:

At the 2-Day Workshop, you will…

Master all FIVE campaigns in a hands-on environment with my team and the creators of Author Expert Marketing Machines
Learn how to do the campaigns for yourself or for others – build them right there in the studio if you want
Learn our best strategies for building and supporting your customers
Get Live Q&A with our trainers
Visit our $250,000 Digital Cafe studios in San Diego
Walk away being fully fluent in Instant Customer AND Author Expert Marketing Machines for yourself or get paid doing it for others
Next, is the Certification Portal…
Inside are training videos focused on making money with Author Expert Marketing Machines
A full Community where you can get marketing ideas, see what others are doing, mentor and get mentored
Next, is Certified Expert Coach Listing in Digital Cafe

This is absolutely invaluable

During this launch, there are literally hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people worldwide watching this happen. Thousands will join the program.

And a huge percentage want SOMEONE ELSE TO HELP THEM!

We’re not an agency. So I want to give YOU access to THOUSANDS of Authors, Experts, Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners!

Once you complete this training in San Diego, you’ll get your listing in the Digital Café store and receive UNLIMITED leads at NO CHARGE

You Can Offer “Done for You” Services Based on the Marketing Machines and the step-by-step systems we give you.
You’ll be listed in a High-Traffic Store that Encourages Frequent Purchases.
We give you the Official Author Expert Marketing Machines Logo for use your web site and business cards.
Next, you want to close sales, right?

How about a custom Sales Presentation “Deck”?

This is a Keynote / PowerPoint presentation so you can…

Sell your services and show off the “Marketing Machines” to clients.
Position yourself as an “instant expert” on “Platform Creation”
Get training you on how to PITCH AND SELL your services.
Plus, you can include your own custom bonuses – that make YOU different from anyone else out there.
And of course, once you are an Author Expert Marketing Machines Certified Expert

You can Charge whatever you want and keep all the money!
Get as many customers as you want and keep all the money
Use the tools and systems as often as you want and keep all the money!
Now over the past five years, I’ve had hundreds of people ask me if they can sell our products or become authorized dealers or resellers.

Until today, we didn’t have a system in place to do this

But now we’re offering you this opportunity

You’ll receive a custom Author Expert Marketing Machines Sales Presentation

You can Resell Author Expert Marketing Machines for $2,997
You can earn 50%+ commissions per sale or sell the product at discount to your customers
You can present at live events, groups presentations and meetups
And then you can follow up and upsell and upgrade buyers for your “done for you” services
Now – here’s the good news and the bad news.

Because this is taught in a live classroom environment with a limited number of seats to provide 1:1 support, there’s limited space available and we run one class per month at our studio.

Secondly, due to this massive promotion, we need to certify as many consultants as we can but we WILL NOT COMPROMISE on the quality of the participants we bring in. That’s why we will ask you to fill out an application once your order is processed. (NOTE – your investment will be fully refunded if you are not accepted or we are full).

This is an opportunity to get in on the GROUND FLOOR of an extremely lucrative business that you can use to earn an enormous amount of income for yourself while providing an incredible service to professionals around the world.

In fact, if you’ve ever DREAMED of having a lifestyle business where you could travel the world, help people and get paid for it, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

And right now, there’s a special promotional offer happening – pricing and financing options are available below.

But act quickly – this offer will end and if the order button isn’t visible it’s because our training course is full and we can no longer take new applicants.

Act now! Space is EXTREMELY LIMITED and this opportunity will close soon!!

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