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May 26, 2014
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Table of Contents and Data Charts
Part I. Renewal Basics

Why Retention Rates Are Critical
What’s a Normal Subscriber Retention Rate?
TABLE: Example Retention Rates from Case Studies
CHART: Number of Months Typical Monthly Subs Pay for – B2B vs B2C Sites
CHART: Number of Quarters Typical Quarterly Subs Pay For – B2B vs B2C Sites
CHART: Average Annual Renewal Rates – B2B vs B2C Sites
CHART: Average Group and Site License Renewal Rates – B2B vs B2C
Renewal Psycho-graphics: Why New Customers Renew Differently Than Longtime Customers
Auto-renewal — The New Standard: Why and When to Use
CHART: Percent of Subscription Publishers Offering Auto-renew
CHART: Percent B2C Publishers Offering Auto-renew
CHART: Percent B2B Publishers Offering Auto-renew
CHART: Reasons Why Publishers Do NOT Offer Auto-renew
Top 5 Activities to Improve Retention
Renewal Pricing Tips
Two Quick and Easy Administrative Best Practices to Maximize Renewals
CHART: Percent of Publishers Offering a Renewal Gift

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Part II. The Welcome Process: How to Improve Your Onboarding

CHART: Percent of B2B Publishers Using Top 5 Onboarding Tactics
CHART: Percent of B2C Publishers Using Top 5 Onboarding Tactics
How Onboarding Affects Retention
5 Key New Relationship-Building Steps: The Welcome Ladder
CHART: Which Onboarding Tactics do Subscription Sites Use to Increase Retention?
How to Improve Your Welcome Page
CHART: Why the Welcome Page is Your Top Priority
Best Practices for Initial Welcome Emails
High-Powered Welcome Email Series (Autoresponders)
CHART: Publishers’ Use of Welcome Emails
Offline Welcome Activities That Work

Part III. Legal and Compliance Issues for Renewals

PCI Compliance
Legal Issues Regarding Renewal Notices
CHART: What Percent of Auto-renew Publishers Comply with the Law?

Part IV. Involuntary Churn: How to Reduce It

Fighting Against Expiration Dates
What to Do About Changed Card Numbers
Battling Declines Due to Credit (or Debit) Limits
Using ‘Special’ Renewal Campaigns to Reduce Churn

Part V. Ongoing Site Engagement: Getting Return Traffic You Deserve

The Fear of Sleeping Dogs
Fix Your Log-in Forms
How to Improve Your Email Newsletter
Amp Up Interactive Community Features
CHART: Percent of Subscription Publishers Offering Community
The Power of Ongoing and Upcoming Content
The Power of ‘Surprise and Delight’ and ‘Warm Fuzzies’
Using Contests, Rewards, and Badges
Top Three Research Tactics to Make Your Content More Compelling
CHART: Percent of Publishers That Adjust Content Based on User Analytics
CHART: Video Analytics – Video Length vs Percent Viewed
CHART: Percent of Publishers That Survey Subscribers for Feedback

Part VI. Advanced Retention Tactics

Drop-off Analysis
CHART SAMPLE: Drop-off Analysis – Monthly Subs
Sleeper Analysis
CHART SAMPLE: Sleeper Analysis – Annual Subs
CHART: Percent of Subscription Sites That Contact Sleeper Accounts
CHART: Publishers That Identify and Contact Low-Use Subscribers – B2B vs B2C
Regression Analysis
CHART SAMPLE: Basic Regression Analysis – Annual Subs
Demographic Analysis
More Advanced Tactics

Part VII. Group and Site License Renewals

Group Platforms
Group Onboarding
Group Account Touches
Use-based Group Renewal Pricing
CHART SAMPLE: Measuring the Efficiency of Your Group Pricing

Part VIII. More Resources

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