Mobile App Revolution

Mar 26, 2013
Ebooks & Course
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Mobile App Revolution is about converting PLR eBooks into Android APPS
It is a 58 page PDF file and comes with an Online Poker PLR even though it’s from 2010.
Starts out with basic shit about setting up Google Play account, hosting, getting PLR from fiverr.

It shows you how to set up your PLR app using DudaMobile and AppsGyser.
Also, how to include a resource page in your app to plug-in related ClickBank affiliate links.

Here is the table of contents….

–    Background
–    STEP 1 : Keyword Research
–    STEP 2 : Prepare the content
–    STEP 3 : App Creation
–    STEP 4 : App Testing
–    STEP 5 : Uploading To Google Play
–    Bonus
–    Frequently Asked Questions
–    Final Words

SALE PAGE | Price: $17

Mobile App Revolution: Videos, PDFs | Size: 10.8 MB


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