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Mar 31, 2013
IM Software
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The ability to create professional mobile websites can make you a lot of money, but you already know that so I don’t have to show you any numbers or fancy graphs. But what you might want to know is that a mobile site(much like a regular one) has to work with different browsers, screen sizes, operational systems and on top of that many mobile phones has less support for some programming commands which makes it even more tricky to get things to work and at the same time look great.

Obviously you could just hire someone to create the site for you (EXPENSIVE and SLOW). You need to find someone good, you have to communicate what you and your client wants and then when you receive the site maybe send it back for some alterations. Most importantly you miss the opportunity to show a potential client a finished site and compare it to their current one at the first meet.

SALE PAGE | Price: $17.94

Mobile Impact Pro – Create awesome mobile sites Fast: Videos, PDFs | Size: 5.9 MB


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