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Jan 22, 2013
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Name Product: Mobile Simulator PRO – The Only Mobile Website Sales Tool You Need! Sale Page: Price: $17

Hey Warriors,

Jamie “GoGetta” Garside and David Chamberlain here, and in just a moment we are about to transform the way you sell mobile websites to local business owners, and with it, increase your close rate through the roof!

The fact is……

Trying to sell mobile websites offline is hard….

Trying to convince a business owner they need one IN THE FIRST PLACE is even harder…..

You spend hours of your time gathering leads, contacting countless businesses knowing full well they need one…..

Only to speak with them and quickly hit that brick wall with a sign that reads “I am not interested” or “I can’t see why I need one of these”.

We all know mobile is the HOTTEST thing offline right now….

DOWNLOAD [premium]

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