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Nov 7, 2017
Marketing, Sale
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LESSON 1: Campaign Objectives
Yes, Facebook has a multitude of Campaign Objectives. No, you should not try them all. Because each objective is designed for a specific purpose, those focusing on generating leads and sales need only master a select few. You’ll learn exactly when to use the right campaign objectives for maximum impact.

LESSON 2: Audiences & Targeting

Who you market to is every bit as important as how you market to them, but analyzing potential audiences often involves a lot of guesswork and not analytics. That’s why we teach a simple and repeatable process for analyzing potential audiences and dialing in targeting before spending one-dollar advertising to them.

LESSON 3: Pixels & Custom Audiences

The Facebook Pixel is the most powerful tool ever made available to small advertisers. You will learn how to find, install, use and leverage your Facebook Pixel for maximum impact. Additionally, you’ll learn the specific audiences you need to create to get maximum ROI in your campaigns using your Pixel data.

LESSON 4: Placement, Optimization, Budgeting & Bidding

Ever heard the saying, the devil’s in the details? This is so true with Facebook Advertising, and it’s the sole focus of this lesson. In this lesson, you’ll learn some vital information hidden in an often overlooked corner of the Facebook Power Editor…

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