Nicholas Kusmich – The Facebook Floodgate Formula

Name Product: Nicholas Kusmich – The Facebook Floodgate Formula

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Price: $1997

Facebook Floodgate Formula

You will get 6 Modules:

Module 1: Market Match
Going deep into market intelligence to ensure the right people are being targeted

Module 2: Message Mastery
Finding and capturing your unique voice to bring to the marketplace by turning your ideas into IP

Module 3: Magnet Makeover
Designing your perfect lead magnet to attract the right customer/client to you and build your list

Module 4: Mechanism Mayhem
Setting up your ad campaigns to create preeminence

Module 5: Slippery Slopes
What to do after you have captured the lead (templates for all of your options and what’s best for you)

*BONUS* Module 6: Over the Shoulder Look + Hot Seats
Behind the scenes overview of how client accounts are setup and FREE 30 mins one to one personalized hot seat coaching to solidify your entire campaign ($1000 value)



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