NLP Tactics for Negotiation, Get a Better Deal

Apr 13, 2018
NLP, Hypnosis
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Powerful Negotiation NLP Structure

If you like to be 20 years ahead of your time, this type of courses is for you. If you need to learn the effective ways to be able to get your rights in negotiation, this course is very essential for you. If you like to understand the negotiation structure in an easy way this course is for you.

in this course, we speak about the negotiation subject with emphasizing on the neuron-linguistic programming (NLP) skills. The objective of this course is to explain the win-win negotiation through a structural angle. So that, the student will understand the subject and ideas behind the concepts, the tricks, and the ideas in a complete way. You gonna learn the whole skills and tricks needed for getting a better deal in a very easy way. All lectures are live videos with the instructor.


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NLP Tactics for Negotiation, Get a Better Deal: Videos, PDFs | Size: 737 MB


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