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Nick Usborne’s Marketing Confidence by Awai

Name Product: Nick Usborne’s Marketing Confidence by Awai

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Price: $497

Here’s How The “Big Brand Secret” Will Instantly Let You Contact Any Client With Total Assurance …

And more importantly – how the “Big Brand Secret”
will make clients have total confidence in YOU …

Dear Reader,

By now you know as well as I do …

There are three key elements to a successful freelance writing career.

The first one is your ability to write copy. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an “A-level” writer to succeed. But to compete as any kind of writer, you need to be able to write.

The second thing is “know your market” — know who the players are and what they need from you.

Most writers I meet through AWAI can do both of these things well. Which is good …

But, the third thing can make or break your writing career. In fact, without it, you’re likely to have no “career” at all.

Yet when I ask new copywriters what they’re doing about it, I get a long list of, well, excuses.

“I’m waiting until the time is right,” is another “excuse” I hear.

So many copywriters I know put off mastering this crucial skill until the last minute. And that’s too bad.

Because just by knowing how to handle this aspect of the copywriting business — you can be successful faster … even if your copy isn’t up to the “A-level” yet!

So what’s this skill that will get you clients now so you can “earn while you learn”?

Like I said, you probably already know what it is. And, if you’re like most people I know in this business, you’re dreading having to deal with it!

I’m talking, of course, about marketing yourself. Or attracting the clients you need to build an active, successful, and thriving copywriting business.

But don’t worry …

It doesn’t matter how terrified you are about the moment you have to talk to your first client …

It doesn’t matter if you hate talking about yourself or “selling your skills” to a complete stranger …

It doesn’t matter how worried you are about not having a portfolio, experience, or even the skill to convince them to give you a chance …



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Blitz Wholesaling System 2.0

Name Product: Blitz Wholesaling System 2.0

Sale Page:

Price: $497

Already Seen The Webinar Training? Then Scroll Down And Read This Page To Gain Instant Access
Are you tired of fighting for deals? Do you want an easier way to make extra money?
Maybe you’re interested in taking your business to the next level by copying a few simple steps that will allow you to scale your business new, exciting levels?
Are you sick of hearing about all the success of others when it feels like you’re right on the verge of success yourself but just can’t get over that last hurdle?
Well, then you’re in the right place.

I was just like you not too many years ago until I realized that it wasn’t me and the problems is FRANKLY not you either. The problem is your market. The city you like in and are trying to do deals in.
Yes, it’s the very place EVERY GURU told you to focus and put all of your effort in.
Boy the Guru’s where wrong. Let me share my story, because when I got started here’s what happened:
I knew wholesaling houses is simple but the important steps are ignored by most “gurus”
I always had to fight against competition that had a lot more money — and I seemed to always lost
It seemed like I could never get a break & make that extra money every month — until this…
Truth is, once I stopped listening to the guru lies, stepped back to evaluate what was working and it became crystal clear that I had been lead down a path that was not going to work.
Stop Listening To The Guru Lie
But then everything changed when I started realize that you can wholesale houses all over the country AND you can do it easier, cheaper and a whole lot faster in most other cities than you can in your own back yard.
That was when I started making a lot of extra money and my business exploded. That’s when I quit my job.
I’d like to see you do the same thing.



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Running a Web Development Business: The Complete Guide

Name Product: Running a Web Development Business: The Complete Guide

Sale Page:

Price: $150

Learn how to start and grow a successful web development business. Get up & running and making sales in under a week.

Web development is one of the fastest growing online industries today. It’s important for every business to have an online presence and that represents a huge opportunity for you. Whether you want to code or not, you can capitalize on the over 24 billion dollars of money spent per year on web development services. Whether you want to work part-time or full-time, you can create an awesome portfolio and an even better income taking on web development projects.

In this course, I’m going to show you how to jumpstart your business, grow it quickly, and manage your business like a professional – all from the comfort of your laptop.


I’m Evan Kimbrell and I’m the founder of Sprintkick, a full service web & mobile application studio based out of San Francisco. Over the last 4 years I’ve personally overseen the launch of over 100 apps all the way from concept to deployment. I’ve grown my business 400% a year from one small client to 100+ clients. Today, we make apps for big name brands like Walmart, GNC, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and other Fortune 500 companies.

I see too many people floundering to start or grow their web development business because they don’t have the mentorship or the guidance to do it right. This course is my answer for all of you who have reached out for help. I’ve piled everything I know and everything that has made my business successful into this course. I created this course to teach you how you can hit the ground running with starting a web development business – even if you don’t want to code.


These are some of the questions this course will answer:

Where do I start and how do I know if I should do this?
How do I choose a niche or should I not specialize?
How should I make my portfolio and what is most effective?
How do I make professional proposals without spending tons of money?
How do I spend less time looking for clients and more time building websites?
How do I take on larger projects and make more money?
How do I find clients?
How do I keep clients from going to the competition?
Which clients are the most profitable and how do I find them?
How do I get clients to accept my estimates?
How did other companies get so successful with web development?
How do I charge more for my services?
How can I bring in development partners to offload my work?

Why you should take this course:

Over 19+ hours of content and direct access to me, the instructor, as a guide and personal helper.
Learn step-by-step from someone who started and runs a very successful web development business.
Shorten your learning curve and protect yourself from making costly beginner mistakes.
Grow your business faster and with fewer hiccups along the way. See how the professionals do it.
A web development business can be run from anywhere at anytime. Join the international community of entrepreneurs who work when they want and how they want.
Learn how to tailor your business to your lifestyle. If you want to work part time and free yourself up from the full time grind, this course shows you how.

Included in this course:

Free contract documents such as an NDA, a customizable standard web contract, and an addendum contract for extra work. All of these documents cost me over $5000, but are yours free as part of the course.
Free access to any course updates including case studies, projects, and collaborative discussions.
Learn on the go. All course lectures are free to download and view anywhere even without an internet connection.
Section summaries to help you review and re-learn lecture points easily and quickly.



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Mike Cooch – Simple Influencer Sales System + OTO 1 + OTO 2

Name Product: Mike Cooch – Simple Influencer Sales System + OTO 1 + OTO 2

Sale Page:

Price: $100

The Simple Influencer Sales System shows you how to build social influence as quickly and easily as possible, then turn that influence into revenue. Whether you are in Local Marketing or selling products online… Whether you’ve been in business for years or you are just getting started… Have experience with social media or don’t… Building your influence using the Simple Influencer Sales System will make selling easier!
Here’s what you’ll get in the simple influencer sales system

5 Modules of video training showing you best practices to build your social influence account the right way…
Our Six-Step Influence Development Process that shows you the six steps to finding and developing the audience that will be most valuable to you…
Step-by-step training showing you how to quickly grow your audience on Instagram…
Best practices for managing your account as efficiently as possible…as little as 30 minutes per day is all it takes!
Exactly how to use other people’s content so that they actually WANT you to share their pictures and videos…
Examples of successful Influencer Accounts in a variety of markets, so you can model what’s already working…
Our V.I.P. sales methodology to quickly get in the door with and sell to new clients…
Live training & Q&A session with Mike Cooch to help you maximize your results.

The Simple Influencer Sales System Shows you What You need to know
to build your social influence and monetize it quickly…
To be clear, this is NOT any hype-filled ‘make money’ training…

…nor is it the latest ‘hacks’ or ‘ninja’ secrets!

This is the nuts and bolts, fundamentals, John Wooden-style stuff of how to build your influence and sales by developing large, responsive communities in any market, NOW and into the future!
you don’t need millions of followers to generate sales…
even just a few thousand followers will do!
Yes, it’s sexy when people show you their Instagram accounts with hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of fans.

But those numbers are not easy to achieve, and they are completely unnecessary to start generating good revenue from your social influence, if you know how.

Using our approach, we started generating revenue with our most recent account when we had just 1,500 followers.

You can get that many followers in a couple of weeks or less using the strategies we teach!
For a very limited time, Save 72% when you invest in
the Simple Influencer Sales System
As a part of our launch, we have discounted the price of the training to make this an easy decision.

Click the button below and grab your copy of the Simple Influencer Sales System right now while it’s still available at this price!


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Amazon Web Services – AWS Real Life Example and Practice

Name Product: Amazon Web Services – AWS Real Life Example and Practice

Sale Page:

Price: $100

Become a Master of AWS Service Deployment and Launch Your Own Website on AWS Cloud in 1 hour with AWS

You are interested in learning AWS and getting into the wide realm of programming and intense Tech Entrepreneurship. You have probably wondered what is the most practical way of learning AWS (which to be frank, gives you the key to ruling the technology industry)

Since technology is changing every day, I have to learn something new every time. The best way that you can learn how to catch up is “to work on it”.

Yet, nobody teaches in this manner and I suffer from the same pain when learning something new every time. Most courses are not designed to help you learn by example (immersion is the most potent way of learning in humans). Rather they bathe you with inapplicable information that you have to learn over and over again anyways.

This course is designed to cover all the basic concepts of Amazon Web Services and the syntax necessary for learning the advanced topics in AWS. Even though learning EC2 can open the door to working with Storage, Computation, and Databases and basically everything else with the word “AWS” attached to it, it has some new functionality and nuances that you have to cover and learn.

My job is to make this class a great and fun learning experience so that I can help you progress through your path to learning advanced AWS (whether it be just programming logic…setting up servers…designing application backends (fun stuff) or doing boring stuff like writing bash script).

In this course, I will walk you though EC2 Configuration, and you will learn about the associated structures of EC2 instance creation (we hear a lot about servers and computation and memory, but how do we put these three together?),

However, only a few videos per section are focused on information. I develop the rest of the details of the data structures and syntax through exercises that I walk you through in the course. There are 2-3 lectures on solving tough exercises on each subject so that you can understand not only the syntax and how to practically work on AWS.

There is no risk for you as a student in this course. I have put together a course that is not only worth your money, but also worth your time. This course encompasses the basics of Amazon AWS I urge you to join me on this journey to learn how to dominate the IT world with the one of the most popular Infrastrcture Services: AWS



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Video2Brain – Marketing mit Twitter Grundkurs

Name Product: Video2Brain – Marketing mit Twitter Grundkurs

Sale Page:

Price: $78

Im privaten Umfeld ist Twitter weit verbreitet, aber auch Unternehmen und Selbständige setzen vermehrt auf die Vorteile des kombinierten Blog- und Nachrichtendienstes auch was das Marketing angeht. Lernen Sie in diesem Kurs, was ein sinnvolles Profil ausmacht und wie Sie Hashtags richtig einsetzen, bevor Sie sich mit den Erstellen von Tweets mit den richtigen Inhalten für Ihre Zielgruppe auseinandersetzen. Natürlich erklärt Ihnen Achim Hepp auch, wie Sie anhand der Analysetools von Twitter den Erfolg Ihrer Tweets überprüfen können und daraus die richtigen Schlüsse zur Optimierung Ihres Marketings auf Twitter ziehen können.



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Email Marketing Basics: A Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide

Name Product: Email Marketing Basics: A Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide

Sale Page:

Price: $95

Learn how to build your first emil list and setup a basic email marketing strategy for your business.

The internet and online arena can dramaticly change the direction and course of your business by giving you access to a whole arsenal of marketing methods and a global marketplace that can allow your business to get 10X times bigger than at a local or only national scale.

The problem is that marketing channels, softwares, apps and strategies change so fast that many times you don’t even get to implement them and they already stop working or aren’t fit anymore for your business.

This being the situation you need to use strategies that work on the long term and are proven to convert, get you new clients, conversions and PROFITS and build sustainablity for your business.

What better solution than to use the no.1 most effective online marketing channel that can bring up to 4400% ROI and that it’s used for over 15 years now…

We are talking about Email Marketing and if you haven’t used this yet in your business you are leaving thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions on the table! There are 7 Figures online businesses that are built only by using email markeintg alone. You don;t have to believe me on this one, just take a couple of minutes and chek the statistics and what every top internet marketer in the world is doing.

So how can you start using it to? This is what this course it’s all about, a step-by-step beginners guide that will walk you through and help you build your first list, start communicating with your audience and write effective emails that get opened, build trust and get you sales!

So what you will be learning in this course…

How to build your first email list
How to integrate your list building with your WordPress Website or Blog
How to create stunning landing pages using Getresponse
How to use Mailchimp FREE Email Service to create a list and a sign-up forms for that list
How to get maximum exposure, your emails opened and your CTR high
How to write engaging emails that build trust, credibility and awareness
How to use Emails to SELL!
…and much, much more!



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Hosting Django: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundamentals

Name Product: Hosting Django: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundamentals

Sale Page:

Price: $45

A beginner SysAdmin course for Django web developers. Learn to launch, optimize & scale your app in Amazon Web Services.

Setting up servers for your business or startup can be a tedious and expensive process, particularly when you’re just starting out or switching to a new platform. Amazon Web Services is incredible but you can still feel like you’re becoming an accidental System Administrator trying to set everything up correctly. However, with the right instructions, you can get up and running in a few hours–saving you time, money, and a headache.

This course will walk you through Amazon’s Web Services, with a focus on setting up Django and leveraging their Free Tier to keep your project free (for low-bandwidth uses for one year). We’ll start with the very basics of launching and configuring Django on EC2, discussing different ways to connect to your system while keeping it secure, we’ll progress to fine tuning your system with fast and efficient content delivery, and finally we’ll dive into all the ways that you can scale your system on this incredibly elastic platform.

A quick note: Amazon Web Services is used by some of the largest websites on the internet, including Netflix and Yelp, as it’s extremely scalable, but, it’s also a favorite of many entrepreneurs and VC’s who know to take advantage of their Free Tier. It’s just a great deal.

What this course is:

An easy-to-understand walkthrough on how to host Django using Amazon Web Services which covers: launching a Django-ready server in minutes or optionally launching a “plain” Ubuntu server and configuring Django + dependencies manually (see below for server details), setting up and enhancing security, using FTP & SSH to transfer over project files (a sample project is included) securely, serving static (CSS/JS/Image) files from a Django server and leveraging Cloud Storage (S3 and CloudFront CDN) to make your site faster, setting your project up for production, upgrading your instance for immediate performance increases, adding more instances and load balancing them, separating and vertically scaling your database, automatic scaling with cloud monitoring, deploying automatically with Beanstalk, and more. If you’re not happy after taking the course, you will absolutely get your money back.

(Server Configuration Details: Ubuntu Linux 14.04 with Apache, Mod_WSGI, MySQL & Django – but you can easily switch to Nginx/PostgreSQL, if preferred)

What this course is not:

Amazon has a very wide range (hundreds) of features. If you are looking for help on a particular AWS feature, view the curriculum below to make sure that it’s covered. We cover many features but cannot claim to cover everything.

You do not need your own Django project as this course provides a sample for you, however the focus is on hosting and configuring Django not creating projects. If creating Django projects from scratch is an interest, consider downloading my (free) course “Create Your First Django Website – Fast & Free” as supplementary to this course.

Every single question that is raised in the discussion panel is responded to, but this may not be the best resource to diagnose your server issues. Keep in mind that Amazon offers all kinds of support that is available 24×7.

I’ve enjoyed working with Django and AWS these last couple years – it’s what I use for my business – and I would now like to help more people take advantage of this great offer and incredibly scalable stack.

If you want to save yourself some time, money, and, possibly a headache, use this guide to speed up the process of understanding this powerful, scalable platform – remember, Amazon hosts everyone – from the busiest sites on the net, to startups on the Free Tier.



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How To Profit From Selling SEO Services Using A PBN

Name Product: How To Profit From Selling SEO Services Using A PBN

Sale Page:

Price: $20

Guide To Making Money Online Selling SEO Services Using A PBN

How to profit from selling SEO services using a PBN- Easy For Newbies.

This course has been designed for both newbies and experienced marketers who want to make a huge amount of money by selling SEO sevices. SEO services are very much in demand and attract high prices. I’m going to show you how to sell SEO services using a PBN – without having to know anything about SEO.

Who is this course for:

This course is for you if you are looking to make insane amounts of money online.
This is for you if you have a startup budget of $150-$160.
This is for you if you want to make money online selling SEO services.
Course Structure: The course is compact, to the point and vey easy to understand. If you follow the steps and take action this will definitely make you some big money.

What is included in the course?

The course teaches you how to buy backlink rich domains for less than $17/domain.
You will learn how to set up a PBN or Private Blog Network.
You will learn how to send out backlinks to customer sites using the PBN.
You will learn how to get customers for your services.
You will learn how to price 4your services.



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[Special Offer]Mitch Miller – Copy Penthouse Experience

Name Product: Mitch Miller – Copy Penthouse Experience
COST: $1997
Size: 25GB

Sale Page : _
The “Copy” Is What Matters Most
All the training in the world can’t help the man who refuses to first learn how to persuade people to buy something with words.

Mitch Miller’s Copy Penthouse Is For You If:

-You are tired of stressing over money, maxing out your credit cards, and constantly feeling anxious
– You have bills you need to get caught up on
-You want to build up your savings account
-You have something you want to sell but have trouble convincing them to buy it from you
-You have a family you need to keep safe and build an amazing life for
-You have a boss you fantasize about quitting on
-You want to get filthy rich
-You know copy is THE big secret to online sales and you are ready to get it handled once and for all
-You want a fast and easy shortcut to crafting multi-million dollar sales copy

Here’s What I Got For You:
Mitch Miller’s Copy Penthouse is an interactive copy experience unlike anything else on the market today.

The insider information in this system can shortcut your learning curve—for real—by at least 5, if not 10 years. (And in reality, on your own, you might not ever get to the skill level these secrets, skills and strategies will allow).
Copy Penthouse has many shortcuts for you including:
– Core Training System
– Commentary On Popular Sales Letters
– Templates And Cheat Sheets
– Bonus Seminar Footage
– Group Calls & Exercises
– And much more…



PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $55.96 ($79.95)

Discount code: (Only VIP members can see the discount code)

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