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Ecommerce for Beginners – Become a Shopify Master Today

Name Product: Ecommerce for Beginners – Become a Shopify Master Today

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Price: $95

Start successful selling with Shopify today and learn how to use Google Analytics, Mailchimp and Facebook Ads on top!

You always wanted to sell online, but don’t know where to start?
You have great products, but more sales would be nice?
In this course we will show you everything you need to know about selling your products online!
We show you how you can setup your shopify store and start successfully selling – right from your chair! This includes:

Branding & Marketing
Setup of Shipping, Payment and Taxes!
How to add compelling Blogs and Pages
Free Tools for great Product Pictures
Product Placement, Picture and Description Guides
Accounting and Bookkeeping for Ecommerce
Google Analytics, MailChimp, Facebook Marketing and more!
Domains and Customer Emails that work!
Don’t wait any longer, start right now
Our course is vastly different than most other courses out there – we do not promise overnight success, but we show you a way how to build a steady online shop business that works. Our course is not made for dropshipping, but for all small businesses out there looking for a way to start online sales successfully and easily. You can start your own shop today with this course – no installations, no developers, no servers necessary. With our course and Shopify you just need some time and you’re up and running.

First we give you a complete branding and marketing guide. You will learn everything you need to know that your customers are happy and love your store and your products.

Then we show you exactly how to setup products, shipping, taxes, blogs and pages. You will learn how to connect and extend your store with apps. And we show you exactly which apps make sense and how to install and configure them. In our great lectures about products we show you our guidelines for successful product descriptions.

You will make great product pictures and product banners with free tools on the web. We will guide you through the usage of those tools so that marketing your products becomes a breeze!

But this is just the beginning!

In our later sections we show you how you can save hundreds of dollars by preparing your accounting and bookkeeping the right way. Your accountant will be happy and you finally understand all this accounting language.

Then we guide you in a complete section about Google Analytics through the tools that help you better understand your customers. You will learn how to setup and reach goals with ease!

Don’t wait any longer and don’t look any further.

With Shopify there is nothing to install and you can start selling your products right away! From the Shopify-Website:

“Shopify is web based ecommerce software. This means there’s no installation required and it works with all operating systems (including Windows and MacOS). We host Shopify so you don’t have to worry about installing, upgrading or maintaining any software or web servers.”

Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered.



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Nicola Delic – Elliott Wave DNA

Name Product: Nicola Delic – Elliott Wave DNA

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Price: $947

Mozilla Thunderbird
By default, Thunderbird will not mark our messages as junk if we are in your subscriber’s Address book.
Thunderbird users can check their settings at Tools > Junk Mail Controls:
To add us to your address book, create a New Address Book Card under File > New…

Yahoo Mail (Old Version)
Yahoo users should create a filter to direct all messages from us to the inbox. To do this, simply:
Click on the Options link on the right side of the page.
Click the Filters link that appears to the right.
Click the Add link.
To the right of the From Contains line, enter our email address and click Add Filter.

Yahoo Mail (New Version)
Users of the new Yahoo Mail should also create a filter.
Yahoo currently redirects you to the old Yahoo Mail interface to set up the filter, but in the future should integrate the Add Filter page directly into the new interface.

Hotmail uses a “Safe List” that you should add our email address to:
Click the Options link on the right side of the interface.
Choose Mail from the left side of the Options page.
Click Junk E-Mail Protection.
Click Safe List.
Type our email address into the box and click Add.

Windows Live Hotmail
Not surprisingly, Windows Live Hotmail works similarly to the old Hotmail:
Click the Options link at right and choose More Options from the dropdown.
Choose Allowed and Blocked Senders.
Click Allowed Senders.
Type the sender’s email address and click Add to List.

GMail will automatically deliver mail from a user’s Contacts list to the inbox.
To add a contact:
Click the Contacts link at the left side.
Near the top of the page click Create Contact.
Enter a name and our email address, and click Save.

AOL Webmail
AOL has a “Custom Sender List” that users can specify.
So, you need to make sure you are set to receive mail from All Senders:
To add a contact:
Click the Settings link at the top of the page.
Choose Spam Controls from the options at left.
Under Additional Spam Filters, click Control From Whom I Get Email.
A popup appears – choose the first option (Allow mail from all senders).
Click the green Save button.


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Bradley Benner – Content Kingpin – fixed

Name Product: Bradley Benner – Content Kingpin(fixed)

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Price: $297

Content Kingpin is a 2 module comprehensive training course with over 25 videos.
You will learn how to find, curate, produce, and publish high quality content quickly that will allow you to satisfy your content needs – and sell this service to clients!
Module #1: Curating Content Manually
We want you to know EXACTLY how to curate content so we show you the steps from the ground up.
Wondering why you should curate manually and not use a plugin that just mashes up content and makes a post? We explain why and more!
Detailed- Get started fast with over the shoulder examples and details.
Finding & Publishing – Find out exactly how to find topics and publish CORRECTLY.
Best Practices & Outsourcing – Stay safe with best practices and find out how to outsource the process to save time and $$$.
Module #2: Curating Tools & Resources
There are a lot of tools and resources out there for you to try out for content creation and curation. In fact, there’s so many that it could take months to find out which one works for you!
We’ve taken the hassle out of the process by showing you how many of the top products work so that you can easily see if they will work for you and your business.
Save Time & $$$ – Find out exactly how top plugins and software tools operate so you don’t waste your time and money trying out the many choices out there.
See Exactly How They Work – Watch as we use the software so that you can pick the best for your business.

Module #3: Updates
As part of our continuing high quality training we provide updates as needed to our training.
If we find great new products or massive changes to the processes involved you’ll hear about it from us and get updated training via the members only training area.
Stay Up To Date – If major changes occur you’ll be on top of them quickly!

This Awesome Bonus – Is YOURS!
Bonus #1: In Depth Interview With Curation Expert Scott Scanlon
This recorded webinar with Scott Scanlon is packed full of gold nuggets that will absolutely blow your mind!
Well know for his powerful curation software packages, Scott dives into how to use curation to drive a business and shares some amazing information that will help anyone from the local marketer to the national SEO campaign manager!
This interview alone could be sold for the price of the training.
Instant – Get access to the webinar recording when you purchase
Important Reference Tool – Helpful for uncovering missed opportunities and ninja content methods
And So Much More.



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Barron Cruz – The Attraction MBA

Name Product: Barron Cruz – The Attraction MBA

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Price: $199

Once you decide to make your voice stronger, you will enjoy these ADVANTAGES:
Your face will be seen as more attractive (a whopping 58% increase in men).
You will be immediately be viewed as being more trustworthy.
You will effortlessly command respect and attention each time you speak.
Men with strong voices have more success in business as well as earn more money than those who do not.
People percieve you as being more dominate. When meeting new people in a sales or business environment, this is statistically impacting on your success.
If you’re a man, you will get more attention from women (women are predisposed to pay more attention to commanding voices).

What You Will Learn &
How Your Voice Will Change

Command respect using only your voice
Engage your audience and hold their attention
Peak engagement by utilizing a dynamic voice
Project your voice, articulate clearly and utilize a rythmic tempo of delivery
Leverage your body language and positioning to maximize the impact of your message
Deepen your voice
Get the attention and peak the attraction of those whom you have a romantic interest in
Find our own personal peak vocal resonance which you then will be able to use in challanging environments as you see fit.
Position yourself as a leader and someone who can be looked to for direction and authority
Decrease the chance that someone will challenge or disagree with you simply by using this specific tonality
Become comfortable speaking in public and to groups
Eliminate high-pitch, stressed, nasal-sounding voice
Eliminate any tendency to speak with a monotone tonality
Gain a mastery of vocal tonality. This will afford you the unique ability to ALWAYS speak in the most effective tone, while others are left guessing how you do it.


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Kelly Starret – Mobility WOD 14 Day Challenge

Name Product: Kelly Starret – Mobility WOD 14 Day Challenge

Sale Page:_

Price: $99

1) Hip Hinge

Day 1: Hip hinge test
Day 2: Air squat test

2) Overhead Position

Day 3: Overhead position
Day 4: Serratus and subscapularis

3) Front Rack

Day 5: Front rack basics
Day 6: Front rack, continued

4) Pistol Position

Day 7: Ankles
Day 8: Opening the hip

5) Hang Shape

Day 9: Internal rotation
Day 10: Part 2

6) Lunge Position

Day 11: Part 1
Day 12: Part 2

7) Press

Day 13: Part 1
Day 14: Part 2


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Liming Wu & Flemin Goh – $100K Social Workshop [33 MP4]

Name Product: Liming Wu & Flemin Goh – $100K Social Workshop [33 MP4]

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Price: $297
Our Newbie Student Made $63,417.15 In Just 60 Days. It’s Time For You Finally Do The Same Thing By Copying and Pasting Our 100% LEGAL, ETHICAL SYSTEM !

Only a handful of newbies had access to this insider knowledge until now, and here’s a glimpse at how they did:

This student Did $63,417.15 in his first TWO MONTHS Applying This System!

These students had to pay THOUSANDS of dollars for this $2k a day workshop…now you can follow these step by step videos to $2000 a day for a tiny fraction of that price.

Just like everyone else who tries to make money on the internet, we struggled for a long period of time.

We tried for months to find something that worked, and at first it seemed the only people making money were those launching crappy courses that didn’t actually work.

We were so turned off and discouraged, but we pressed on because we know there had to be something we were missing.

It wasn’t long before we found a completely ethical marketing method that was extremely scaleable. We were eager to see how far we could take it.

So, for a few months, we tested and tweaked this marketing method, trying to reach $2000+ a day. In a few months we reached this goal.

$5143.50 + In A Single Day.


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Bradley Benner – Local Kingpin – fixed

Name Product: Bradley Benner – Local Kingpin(fixed)

Sale Page: _

Price: $497

Local Kingpin is a 7+ module comprehensive training course with over 20 videos.
You will learn how to set up local funnels, produce leads cheaply, and more, in order for you to make
money by selling leads to clients or using them in your own local business.
Module #1: Setup & Local Case Study

We want you to see EXACTLY how this process works – and that it REALLY does work!

This case study shows how Bradley put together a real local leads business and goes into details on Adwords use and more!

Detailed – Get started fast with over the shoulder examples and details.
Real World – You’ll see exactly how this is done in the real world.not like other courses where they expect you to already know how to implement!
Examples – Beginners and Experienced marketers can learn from watching Bradley work through real world issues while setting up his own local lead generation setup.
Module #2: Building Local Funnels For High Conversions

Lots of people teach advertising, but the truth is it doesn’t matter if your leads don’t convert!

That’s why we’re included landing page templates and design in this powerful course.

Not only will you be learning how to set up campaigns correctly via AdWords for low cost lead generation, but you’ll be ahead of others with high conversions from great landing pages.

Save Time & $$$ – See exactly how to set up landing pages and get access to FREE templates!
Destroy The Competition – Find out how you can split test easily to work your way to #1
Module #3: Updates & More

As part of our continuing high quality training we provide updates as needed to our training.

We’ll be holding update webinars to let you know about even more information related to lead generation AND doing another LIVE case study!

Stay Up To Date – Most training is old by the time it launches . Not with us! You’ll be getting even more great content AFTER launch is over!
Valuable Insight – Get access to the 2nd case study for even more tips and tricks that you can use in your own lead generation.
These Awesome Bonuses – Are YOURS!
Bonus #1: Update Webinars – Members Only!

We know that learning new skills, even amazing ones like lead generation on demand that can give you an amazing ROI, can be time consuming and you might have questions.

That’s why we’re going to deliver update webinars with even more great information so that you can make the most out of your new found lead generation skills after joining Local Kingpin.

These webinars are worth their weight in gold and won’t be open to anyone but members of Local Kingpin!

Instant – Get access to the webinars when they happen – members only!
Important Learning Tool – Get important questions answered from the experts
And So Much More…


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[Special Offer] Donald Miller – The StoryBrand Online Marketing Workshop

Name Product: Donald Miller – The StoryBrand Online Marketing Workshop
COST: $1495
Size: 6.4 GB

Sale Page : _

Clarify Your Message So People Engage
An online video course to help you connect with customers, revolutionize your marketing and grow your company


When it comes to talking about their businesses, many people are so close to their products or services they don’t know where to start. StoryBrand helps companies understand what customers are looking for so they can tell their story in such a way people listen.
Click to hide text

We know how hard it is to communicate clearly and have helped hundreds of large and small businesses clarify their messaging. And when you clarify your message, your website starts working for you, your team members are converted into a sales force and your customers speak a viral message that spreads.

The Online Course is taught by Donald Miller, creator of the StoryBrand framework. Don has studied story for decades and as such is versatile in a language human beings have been speaking for centuries. Combined, his 7 books have spent more than a year on the NYT Bestsellers list. He’s consulted with hundreds of companies to help them clarify their messaging. Don isn’t a professor in an ivory tower. The SB7 framework was created to help him filter the messaging for his own company and the process resulted in him doubling revenue and profits for three consecutive years. Since then he’s gone on to consult with dozens of billion-dollar brands and hundreds of small businesses. Hundreds of Don’s clients have dramatically increased their revenue after learning the framework.

When you buy the Online Course, you will:

1. Learn a proven communication formula that has been used in thousands of major motion pictures. You will completely understand how story works and why it’s the most powerful tool to compel a human brain.

2. See how this formula has been used by the world’s top brands in commercials, print ads and web-based marketing.

3. Apply this framework to your company’s messaging including websites, email blasts, keynotes and even elevator pitches. StoryBrand will help you create compelling messaging that stands out.

The human brain is drawn to CLARITY and away from confusion. If customers are confused about what you offer, they’ll look past you for somebody who can say it clearly. Once you clarify your message, your company will begin to grow. Companies that clarify their messaging win in the marketplace. Buy the StoryBrand Online Course today. Why? Because nobody will know how much they need your product or service until you tell them in the right way.



[Special Offer] Alex Schlinsky – Prospecting On Demand

Name Product:   Alex Schlinsky – Prospecting On Demand
COST: $997
Size: 5.2 GB

Sale Page : _

Prospecting On Demand™ is an online mastermind and implementation Bootcamp that will help grow your business by generating qualified leads daily through a proven system of lead-generation tactics. By joining POD™, you will be a part of something much larger than just a Bootcamp or online course – you will be an active member of our ever-growing family of like-minded professionals. You will have the ability to ask questions and network in our private Facebook Group, and get a chance to mastermind in our weekly Group Strategy Calls (Thursdays at 3pm EST) where we aim to climb the ladder of success together and more!

LinkedIn Mastery+Optimization Checklist
– Step-by-step Optimization Checklist
-Messaging Scripts
-Automated Prospecting Method
-Automatic Connections Script

Funnel Clone Links+Webinar Blueprint
-Clone Our Highest Converting Webinar & High-Ticket Funnels
-Full Setup and Implementation Blueprint
-Tracking and Optimization Spreadsheet

Direct Mail Formula+Complete Templates
-5+ Direct Mail Templates
– How To Find The ‘Low Hanging Fruit’
-Tracking and Follow-Up Strategy

Sales Script + Consultation Guide
-Step-by-step Guide To Close Leads For  High-Ticket Offers
-From Pre-call Preparation Through,Overcoming Objections and Closing
– Learn How To Close On One Call

Lead Nurturing Email Templates
-Proven Follow Up Nurture Emails For , Webinar and High Ticket Funnels
-Thank You Emails, Reminder To Attend Webinar Emails, Sales Emails & more
-Over 20 Email Templates



Brad Stephens – FeelSocial Immersion Series (mod1)

Name Product: Brad Stephens – FeelSocial Immersion Series (mod1)

Sale Page: _

Price: $497

First Training Module Will Be Released Next Wednesday, March 22nd 2017
You have the most powerful Facebook messaging software available at your fingertips. It’s SO new in fact, that monetizing this new technology might seem overwhelming or confusing. “Where do I start?”
4 Weeks of “Step-by-Step” Immersion Training Sessions with Brad Stephens
You’ll experience Four (4) powerful training sessions, where I’ll guide you through each step required to build out a profitable messaging funnel inside of FeelSocial.
I will provide EXACTLY what you need to know and how to get to $10k/month with messaging funnels.
This is not live training, each module will be prepared in detail and will be released every Tuesday/Wednesday and you will have a full week in between to implement and get results before moving onto the next week.


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