Personal Brand Power – Marisa Murgatroyd

Apr 7, 2018
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What we will learn from this course?

Personal Brand Power teaches you exactly how to build the foundation for our own personal brand. Marisa will teach us exactly what it means to ‘brand yourself’ and where to focus our attention to get the best results.

The course is built around the idea that personal branding is all about figuring out who we are and what makes us different in a way that truly matters and resonates with our customers, allowing us to connect with them on a much deeper level.

Session One :Your Personal Brand Blueprint
Session Two: The Secret Life of Your Personal Brand
Session Three: Finding Your Personal Brand Voice
Session Four: Creating Your Personal Brand Capital
Session Five: Welcome to the Brand of We

SALE PAGE | Price: $997

Personal Brand Power – Marisa Murgatroyd: Videos, PDFs | Size: 2.8GB


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