Persuasion Power & Influence Vol. 1-2: Effective Communication

Dec 1, 2016
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Course Description
Persuasion is effective communication. The fact is that we influence each other all the time whether we like it or not. Communication is a like a thread that runs through every area of your life.

When you watch the video above, you will understand why it’s so important to learn how to communicate effectively.

Not only for being more persuasive and getting your way more of the time, but also for improving your relationships!

This is currently a Best-Selling Persuasion Skills Course on Udemy!

2,950+ Students in 150 Countries
25+ Student Reviews

“One of the best courses of more than 30 + that I have completed.”

-Rowan Staggs

“Excellent content and professionally put together. The instructor was great!”

-Jonathan Gills

“This course is really cool. I never realized how much is going on when interacting with someone. I’m halfway through and I’ve found several tools that I’ve started to use and am already seeing a real difference. Ken explains things very clearly and provides specific action steps to apply what he is teaching. He really knows his stuff.”

-Agueda Cruz

“Essential, no Time wasting, Very Understandable, Concrete”

-Bradong Weiss

“Straight to the point! Recommended.”

-Janeen Vang


This course will allow you to understand those around you better, communicate more effectively and influentially and present your ideas in a more engaging, persuasive way.

People will like you, respect you and want to follow along with you, far more often, when you use these skills.

What will I be able to DO after enrolling?

Skillfully Capture and Lead Your Audience’s Attention (Become “The Center of Attention”)
Create Deep Levels of Rapport Quickly
Consistently Establish Trust and Respect
Speak More Persuasively
Establish the Correct Frame of Mind for Persuasion and Effective Communication
Persuade People to Accept Your Ideas and/or Outcome(s)
Use Your Body Language to Increase Your Presence
Influence People to Take Action on Your Ideas
Communicate with Authority and High Status
Use Your Voice To Create Deeper Impact of Your Message
Avoid Objections and Resistance to Your Ideas
Create a Practical Plan for Mastering the Skills in This Course
Why else would someone want to learn these skills and become an effective communicator?

Why should you care about being more influential and persuasive?

Make More Money
More Respect/Greater Prestige
Be at Cause Instead of at Effect
Recognize When Someone Is Trying to Influence You and Protect Yourself Against Negative Influence
Be Liked and Trusted By Others
Have Greater Choice in Your Work and Your Personal Life
Have The Ability to Effectively Lead People
Win People Over to Your Way of Thinking
Influence People to Take Action on Your Ideas
More Social Influence – Think Dating, Friends, etc.
What will I learn?

“The Best Way to Establish Rapport Quickly”
“How to See Inside Other People’s Minds”
“Understanding the Communication Dance”
“How to Package Your Message for Maximum Impact”
“The Counter intuitive Nature of Influence”
“How to Get People to Go Along with Your Ideas”
“How to Communicate That You Are an Authority Figure with High Status”
“Authenticity: The Magic Background of Persuasion”
“How to Speak and Behave with Authority”
“How to Signal Authority Without Saying a Word”
“How to Avoid Sending Signals of Weakness”
“How to Influence How People Receive Your Message”
“How to Infuse Your Words with Life and Emotion for Greater Impact”
“Using Your Voice to Capture and Focus Your Listener’s Attention”
“A Powerful Way to Re-Engage Your Audience”
“A Simple Way to Lead Someone’s Attention”
“How to Powerfully Lead People to Your Outcome”
“How to Use Pre-Framing to Control the Communication Dance”
“How to Avoid Objections and Resistance”
“The 4 Stages of Learning on Your Path to Mastery”

This course is about more than just how to influence others.

It’s going to give you a fresh perspective on what persuasion is and provide powerful, direct methods that will show you how to communicate more effectively and understand other people more fully starting today.

This is a Complete Persuasion and Communication Skills Course that will teach you exactly how to influence others, get what you want and experience more choice and better relationships.

All with a small time investment, starting with as little as 5-10 minutes per day and gradually building to about 30 minutes per day.

This course will walk you through specifically why, what, when, where and exactly how to persuade others and move through the world with greater influence and presence.

Some of the Questions answered in this course:

How can you improve your communication skills?
Why do I easily run out of things to say in conversations? How can I avoid this?
What are some tricks for having an interesting conversation with someone you just met?
Why are communication skills so vital?
Do I have to pretend or “be someone I’m not” to be persuasive?
Isn’t persuasion inherently manipulative?
Can you be influential and persuasive and still have integrity?
How can you reasonably practice these skills with a busy life?
Is it worth it to take the time to learn these skills?
Can you really build deep levels of rapport with people you just met?
How do you get people to like you fast?
How do you quickly develop trust with other people?
What makes people make decisions that seem irrational?
Can someone who is an introvert be a powerful and influential communicator?
What Should I Do Now?

Give the course a chance to help you become a better communicator and increase your ability to persuade and engage others by enrolling today. Effective Communication can truly change your life, it did mine. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the inside if you choose to enroll.

What are the requirements?
Willingness to practice
Open mind
What am I going to get from this course?
Skillfully CAPTURE and Lead Your Audience’s Attention
CREATE Deep Levels of Rapport Quickly
PERSUADE People to Accept Your Suggestions and/or Outcome(s)
SPEAK More Persuasively
ESTABLISH the Correct Frame of Mind for Persuasion and Effective Communication
Use Your Body Language to INCREASE Your Presence
INFLUENCE People to Take Action on Your Ideas
COMMUNICATE with Authority and High Status
Consistently Establish TRUST and Respect
USE Your Voice To Create A Deeper Impact of Your Message
AVOID Objections and Resistance to Your Ideas
CREATE a Practical Plan for MASTERING the Skills in This Course
What is the target audience?
Business Owners
Online Instructors
Anyone Who Has to Capture and Lead the Attention & Imagination of Their Audiences
Someone looking to boost their social influence, make more friends, increase their dating success, etc.

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